DNA Activation = Accelerated Spiritual Awakening!


In the year 2012, human consciousness is undergoing a big shift towards higher consciousness. This shift is going to happen by the activation of cellular DNA. Dormant DNA activation level controls your frequency. Every time when a DNA strand is activated you download higher consciousness from the cosmos and attract people, places and events of similar high frequency. Scientist and researcher Sheryl Kakshialansa says- “Junk DNA or dormant DNA activation is a tremendous gift to accelerate the spiritual awakening of collective consciousness on the planet.”

Scientists Grayzna and Franz found that DNA can cause patterns in vacuum, producing magnetic wormholes. Wormholes are tunnel-like connections between areas in universe through which DNA attracts bits of information outside time and space and passes them on to our consciousness. It was noted that this information can be passed on between individuals whose DNA is turned on or activated.

The core human DNA imprint is built on a 12 strand structure. This means it can radiate, it can embody 12 dimensions of conscious awareness. The person with one or two strands of DNA awakened is like a computer with only 16MB ROM memory. But once the DNA structure is activated it’s like giving a high speed internet connection to the computer. You can then access anything just by intent and intuition.

Most of the human beings have only one DNA strand activated. When you become a seeker, ready to take the risk of renouncing the pleasure of the senses for something which you don’t understand, something which is not tangible to you, then the second strand of DNA gets awakened. In almost all sincere seekers the second strand of DNA is awakened already.

Second to sixth strand awakening is the enlightenment period. The sixth to twelfth is the incarnation period. By that time the twelfth is awakened, you are an incarnation! After the twelfth strand is awakened hundreds of new layers open up. That is what is meant by ‘poornavtara’ – through whom so many different truths and revelations are constantly revealed to the world, constantly shared with the world. So the question now is, how to awaken the next level DNA strands?
The technique to awaken the third strand is – remember who you are. Constantly remember who you are really. It is natural to think that one part of you is the identity which you are showing to the world. As soon as you do that, another part of you will immediately say that this cannot be you because this identity continuously changes. You yourself can convince yourself to change the identity which you are projecting to the world.

In half an hour it can be changed into another one. Sometimes when you are not able to maintain the social identity or when that identity gives you suffering, in 21 minutes (one cycle of time) if you sit and talk to yourself you can simply change it. It’s liquid, it’s changing. So how can this identity be you! Then who are you really?

In a few minutes you will feel there is some point at which you are cornering you. What is me? A silent awareness will happen for a few seconds. Then because you are not able to be in the pressure of cornering you, it just gets bumped! It goes away to some other subject or object and this idea gets lost. This means that you are touching the third strand of DNA but it is kicking you back! That is where you need seeking. At this point you need to tell yourself – ’I am not just going to build my body, I am going to build my very DNA structure’. With seeking do weight lifting. That will get into your DNA structure. With awareness when you lift the weight, feel that tremendous pressure – not pain. When you are with awareness it will never be a pain. It can only be called as pressure on your muscles and system. When you feel that heavy pressure in your muscles, decide intensely that you will change your DNA structure by doing the weight lifting. With awareness and seeking go on doing that which your muscles do not want to do! This is how these ideas can slowly become an experience in you.

Intense seeking simply awakens at least four to five strands of DNA. Nothing else is needed, no sadhana; just intense craving. Intense craving of the apple seed makes it become a tree with many apples, or one stem cell multiplies into two or three. Same way it just becomes many. So slowly the identity which is shown becomes a small superficial part of the individual consciousness. It is no more half of the identity, it is off the identity. When the identity which is shown to the world is a major part of the consciousness, you are a man, when it comes off, you are God.

Based on Nithyananda’s Talks on DNA Activation, October 2010, Bidadi Ashram


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