Purify Your Vak

Purify Your Vak

Inside of everyone exists something called the vak. It can be considered an organ just like your lungs, heart, liver, heart and so on.  It exists in the region between the throat and the heart, depending on the person, in the area where your body and mind intersect. The base material of the vak is made from your mind but it is used in the field of the body.

Organs like the heart and lungs are made out of flesh, skin and muscle – physical matter used in the physical body. That is why western medicine is able to diagnose and catch diseases in them.  There are several organs which are made out of mind, but used in the body such as the vak. Please listen! It is not metaphysical, imaginary or a hallucination. Vak is an important organ that is responsible for all the words you utter.

Every non-integrated word you utter pollutes your vak. The good news is, because it can be polluted easily, it can be cleaned easily.  One lie and the vak will get polluted. But, just by completing with the lie, the vak can be healed immediately. It will be free! Because words corrupt the vak, words can also purify the vak.

The diseases which form in your body because of the wrong breathing can be completely healed by the right breathing.  Likewise, diseases created in your body because of handling the body in the wrong way, such as having poor posture, can be healed by stretching and using the correct posture. In the same way, diseases also manifest in the body due to negative, harmful words. But by understanding and practicing the spiritual truth of integrity, the vak can be purified, and the disease can be cured by using the right words towards yourself and others.

Understand, how much ever you have corrupted your vak, it can be cleaned, it can be completed now!  Because, how much ever pollution you dump on the Ganga, it can be purified now, the moment more water comes.  By the nature of Ganga, you cannot pollute it!  It is flowing!  You should stop continuous pollution.  Because we are continuously polluting, the Ganga is polluted.  The Ganga is not polluted by one action; it is by the continuous pollution, understand. So just by completion and integrity, your vak can be purified immediately.

From this, the whole science of Vak Siddhi is founded. A siddhi is an extraordinary power attained through spiritual practice.

It is not difficult to practice integrity as a lifestyle. It is easy as setting aside time to brush your teeth twice a day – it becomes a habit. Just as your oral hygiene is important, keeping your internal body clean is also important. Practicing integrity, being aware of the words you utter inside and to others, is the purifying mechanism.

Through integrity, the power of words, Vak Siddhi is awakened. Vak Siddhi is the voice of the divine truth, giving you the ability to manifest your words as reality and to know what others will say even before they speak.  You will have control over your words and what others say to you, with the ability to create a positive impact on the world. Your words count and so do those of others!

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