Responsibility Makes You A Leader!


You are the Source of Everything!

Responsibility means living, thinking, speaking and acting, responding to life from the truth that you are the source of everything happening inside and around you. Therefore you are responsible for all happenings inside and outside you.

The biggest question we have now in our minds is, ‘How can I be responsible everything happening around me? I can be responsible for what is happening inside me. How can I be responsible for what is happening outside me? For example, if an accident happens in my life, how can I be responsible for it?’ Everybody asks this question. Let me answer you.

Three kinds of people

The person who does not feel responsible even for his own actions is an animal – he lives in a very low consciousness. The person who feels responsible for his own actions is a human being – he lives in a middle level consciousness. The person who takes responsibility even for others’ actions is divine – he lives in leadership consciousness – ishvaratva. Sometimes you may not be the reason for some happenings, but if it is affecting your life, you are responsible for those happenings. Just because you are not the reason as per your logic, you can’t say you are not responsible in truth.

Everybody asks me, ‘Swamiji, how can we be responsible for things for which we are not the reason?’ Being a reason or cause is different; being responsible is different. Sometimes you may not be directly the cause or the reason, but when you understand you are responsible, you will be able to solve it.

You may wonder how you can be responsible. You need to know – unless you take responsibility, neither you are going to improve the situation, nor going to expand in your inner space. Vivekananda says very beautifully, ‘Take more and more responsibility, your shoulders will become stronger and stronger.’ In any field, freedom is the basic condition for growth. Responsibility brings the experience of freedom. With responsibility, your consciousness expands.

Feeling Responsible is Life!

Feeling you are responsible is not just a methodology or technique to increase your productivity in the corporate circles, or making you a responsible citizen for the sake of the country. No! I am not funded by any state or corporate. I am supported by the cosmos! I am not against you being a responsible employee, but I am not teaching responsibility only to make you a responsible employee, or only to make you a responsible citizen. I am teaching responsibility to make you an enlightened being.

You are the source of everything, and you are responsible for everything. Whatever is happening you are responsible. Only when you understand you are responsible, the possibility for expansion starts. Feeling responsible is life. You not feeling responsible is death. When you don’t feel responsible you shrink in your life continuously. When you feel responsible for anything, your life in that zone expands. If you feel responsible for your family your relationship with your family expands. If you feel responsible for your company, the productivity of your company expands. If you feel responsible for your city, the life standard in your city increases, it expands. If you feel responsible for the world, the world becomes a better place. If you feel responsible for the universe you become enlightened.


Responsibility Expands Your Possibilities

Every one of us is greedy for the powers leaders have, the powers higher souls have, but unfortunately no one wants to take the responsibility for it. I tell you, the world has abundant. Neither the wealth nor the extraordinary powers are restricted when you take responsibility. Powers, wealth, spiritual powers, all the auspicious things starts expressing through you intensely when you start becoming responsible. Responsibility expands your possibilities. Responding to the world from the best possibility is responsibility. Responding to you and the world from the best possibility is responsibility.

Extraordinary powers are not myth, mythological stories or just some blind faith. I have already done enough scientific researches to demonstrate the genuineness of the possibility of teleportation, telepathy and materialization. Look in, look into your life. When you start taking responsibility you can decide the way your heart beats, you can decide the way your lungs function. You can also decide the functioning of the non-mechanical parts of your body. Each one of us has mechanical parts of the brain and non-mechanical parts of the brain. Mechanical parts of the brain are responsible for the functions of your body like the functions of the heart, lungs, liver, kidney, intestine and the functioning of your nervous system – experiencing touch, taste and seeing. The non-mechanical parts of your brain are responsible for extraordinary powers like telepathy, teleportation and vaak siddhi. When you take responsibility for how you think, how you feel, instead of leaving the responsibility to the society, media and others, you can make the non-mechanical parts of your brain function. When you take responsibility for all the happenings inside you and outside you, a new energy, a new possibility opens up in you. The first step to realize the divine in you is to take the responsibility.

Responsibility gives birth to a Leadership Consciousness

Sometimes people sit in the throne or become a center of power without having the state of a leader. I have seen them dying in depression and suffering in suffocation due to the power. They never enjoy the power. Unless you achieve the state, status becomes a liability. Status binds you and brings suffering to you and others if you have not achieved the state. The state of responsibility, the state of a leader – leadership consciousness or ishvaratva – has to be achieved first.

Responsibility not only awakens leadership qualities in you, it awakens leadership consciousness in you. Qualities are different, consciousness is different. In the corporate life, in the outer world, if you are taking responsibility for some position you may express leadership qualities, but when you take responsibility for everything happening in and around you, you express leadership consciousness.

When you do not carry the consciousness of leader, you are bound by the powers of the leader even if you get it, and you will bind the people who come under you accepting you as leader also. This is one of the biggest diseases India is suffering with. Many seats are occupied by the people who are not responsible enough for the seat they are occupying. From the individual houses to the seats of official power, political power and media power, in every field many people who have not achieved the state get the status. They become a liability.


Reacting and Responding

When you go on expanding, the commitments and responsibilities you hold in your being for yourself also expand and become great possibilities. You only have two ways of relating with the world. Either you react or respond. If you feel you are not responsible, you react. If you feel you are responsible you respond. When all your actions are responding – you are a karma yogi; no karma binds you, you are living in completion, expressing completion. When you feel you are not responsible, you react. Reacting puts you in bondage and keeps you in incompletion.

Only when you express all the possibilities out of liberation cognition, ‘jeevan mukta sambhavana’, you are living your life. Life is lived when ‘jeevan mukta sambhavana’ becomes your lifestyle. Nothing else is required for you to be a leader, just leadership consciousness is enough. When Vivekananda walked the length and breadth of India he did not have anything other than leadership consciousness in his life. But wherever he went kings washed his feet, gave their own thrones for him to sit on, received his blessings and guidance, they requested for his spiritual support. Leadership consciousness is an independent intelligence. It cannot be hidden from others. Once you have it, the whole world will know you have it. Simply the whole world listens to you. You do not need any power, political strength or infrastructure for the world to know you are a leader. Even if you walk in the street you will stand tall – as a man among men, and the world will respect you.

Only Evolution Can Change the World!

You need to know this one truth – constantly cognize you are responsible for everything including what you think as accidents. When you cognize, the way you perceive and experience the world becomes different. When you perceive the truth of the world in a different way, you can change the facts of the world; not before that. No revolution can change the world. Only evolution can change the world. When you evolve, if you just sit with responsibility under a forest banyan tree, a city will happen around you who want to learn that truth from you; nothing else is required.

It is very unfortunate that human beings are taught from the beginning to put responsibility on others. I just sat taking the responsibility for the Vedic tradition and making all these truths available to the world. Now I can see the power of my cognition. Hundreds of people are taking this responsibility on their shoulders. I give my clarion call to the youth of India. Oh youth of Bharat! We are all responsible for Bharat, for India. It is only by the spiritual strength we are going to rebuild the country. Only by building human beings we are going to build the nation. Wake up! Don’t waste your life just imagining an IT job and a wife, 2 kids and a small family. Don’t be in that unfortunate small cognition. Wake up! We are responsible for the whole world, for humanity. Take the responsibility for others irresponsibility. Take responsibility to teach responsibility to the world. Take responsibility to teach integrity and authenticity to the world.