Sheetoshna Sukha Dukha Samyama: Go Beyond Pain


How many people feel that they are being run ragged by their knee jerk reactions to situations? How often they wish they could stop being a victim of circumstance, and be at peace no matter what was going on. The solution can be found in a Samyama.

A Samyama is a tool that allows a person to receive deeper knowledge, powers and perfections through the combined practice of concentration, meditation and yoga.

“Sheetoshna Sukha Dukheshu” sheeta (cold) and ushna (hot) attacks a person from outside skin, while sukha (happiness) and dukha (sorrow) attacks one from inside skin. But whether in cold or warm atmosphere, pleasant or unpleasant situations, being respected or dishonored, the one who has subdued the Self which is made out of patterns and is firmly established in this state always remains centered. Here is a powerful technique to attain this state. It is to be noted that the sequence of the steps should not be changed.

Step 1. Mastering Cold

Just sit in the cold and see what happens in your skin, what is happening outside the body. Without naming it as cold or suffering or pain, just look. Tell yourself that “Something is going on, let me see what happens, how that feeling touches my skin and how am I getting agitated and irritated for no reason”. Sit with a deep patience. With this you will be able to master cold, cold will not master you at all.

Step 2. Mastering Heat

The moment you realize that cold does not give any more suffering, you will gain the confidence to work with heat. Do Pancha Tapas – make a fire circle (your height will be the diameter of the circle) and sit inside it for an hour. You will slowly start feeling the heat and it will increase in half an hour. Then see what is going on in your skin. In 2 days you will master heat.

Step 3. Mastering Unpleasantness

Next step is to master unpleasantness. Sit in a room with whatever you consider as unpleasant, for example with a photograph of a person who makes you squirm or an aroma which is not agreeable to you. Look near the chest area, and from inside the skin where the attack starts and sit with that. In two days you will realize there is no such thing as unpleasantness, and it is just your own decision to be in unpleasantness.

Step 4. Mastering Pleasantness

The same thing needs to be done when you are happy. Just sit and ask, “What is this pleasantness? Why do I feel so expanded inside?” You have to feel this from inside the skin and you will master this state also.

All these states have no life independent of a person’s will. When this is understood , their being becomes centered on the supreme state. When one becomes perfect being centered in oneself, they will be immune to these fluctuations. When one sees what is really happening with passiveness and patience, they will be able to face life with such joy and courage. This samyama can get people out of all mental and psychological disorders and enrich lives.

Taken from Nithyananda’s Daily Morning Discourse on 4th September, 2012 at Kodaikanal, India