Start Walking on the Path to Shivoham: Four Easy Steps

Start Walking on the Path to Shivoham

This article is from the ‘Keep It Simple Series’ of discourses given by Nithyananda on Shivoham. It gives the simple basic technique to be initiated into the space of ‘Shivoham’ (I am Shiva) where there are no prerequisites or conditions. It explains how it is only our logic that needs to be convinced of this truth.

Being blissful always just because you exist is ‘Shivabodha’, the intoxication of being Shiva.

There’s no fine print in the Shivoham initiation. You are Mahadeva! There is no prerequisite for you to experience, live, radiate Shivoham. The reasons you are not Mahadeva are not real in the cosmic law of life, because Shivoham is the unconditional truth.

You may not be able to experience Shivoham right from day one; you don’t have to bother about it. You may not be able to sit under a banyan tree and give enlightenment to people immediately. But you can live like Mahadeva based on what you know as Mahadeva. SAT (truth)-CHIT (consciousness) – ANANDA (bliss of constantly being himself) is the basic expression of Mahadeva.

A simple four-step logical exercise is all you need to complete with your doubts around the statement – ‘I am Shiva,’ and get a straightforward initiation into Shivoham.

First: “My Guru is the ultimate spiritual expression I know. He told me clearly that I am Shiva, I am Mahadeva. Then this is the path I need to start walking on.”

Second: “My Guru  did not give any pre-conditions or pre-qualifications for me to experience ‘Shivoham’. He said, ‘You ARE Mahadeva as you are’. Then the whole problem boils down to my not accepting it.  Any logic that says I’m not Mahadeva is not factual.”

Third: “Anything which is not factual, I can complete with it. It is my freedom. I created the delusion around me. ” The very remembrance of this statement drastically reduces the powers of incompletion.

Fourth: “Let me start celebrating all the qualities I can radiate as Mahadeva.”

Being blissful just because you exist is the state of being Shiva. Even when you just visualize the state of being Shiva, the energy oozes in your body. Shiva is a vibrant, living, intelligent being. When you invoke His presence, he clears tons of incompletions.  His presence is invoked when you establish this simple four-step logic. Invite Him again and again. When He arrives, all incompletions are burnt, nothing is left!

In the Shivoham process, which is a part of the Inner Awakening program, Paramahamsa Nithyananda infuses the very sound and visualizations of the “Shivoham” experience into the bio-memory of the participants, without any effort from their end. When the Shivabodha settles into the bio-memory, the experience becomes a permanent software of cognition for that person.


  1. I vouch for the Shivoham process. Earlier influencing day to day happenings with the power of my intention was successful 40-50 percent of the time, but now after being initiated into Shivoham I am successful 95% of the time. The rest 5% is because I have had not the courage to influence bigger happenings. All will happen in good time.
    Gratitude to Nithyananda Swami.

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