Teleportation, a Reality


E = mc2

What most of people think of as teleportation involves the physical relocation of an object. The object disappears from one place and pops up in another. Scientifically, this means that the molecular structure of the object is disassembled, the particles of matter are converted into energy, the energy particles are sent to a designated location, and then are re-converted into matter and arranged back into the shape they previously had.

Contemporary physicists agree that this process is possible. In quantum physics, entanglement allows sub-atomic units, called quanta, to exchange information over vast distances once they have been energetically connected. Energetic connections can include, but are not limited to, sharing an electric pulse or being exposed to the same chemical while they are close to each other.

Vedic Rishis were Scientists!

In the Vedic tradition of pre-historic India, technology was developed to a degree far surpassing that of the present day. Much of it remains in the hands of sacred literature, in oral teachings and in the akashic record available to enlightened beings. Some details of the science on which it was based have been forgotten through lack of practice, but the foundations have been preserved and handed down from generation to generation.

The rishis, or researchers, of the Vedic civilization, who were both mystics and scientists, discovered that matter and energy can be interchanged into each other. They are not fixed in any permanent forms. The rishis took this natural occurrence several steps further and discovered how to dismantle matter (solid or liquid objects) completely into the energy particles it was composed from. The particles were then sent to the location where the object was needed and reassembled there into their previous shape, just the way our present-day physicists have theorized.

Making from “Nothing”

The rishis were also able to perform materialization, a process in which objects are formed seemingly from “nothing”. Scientifically, energy is transformed into matter without having already had a solid shape. The imagination of the materializer provides the shape, color and design. For example, a yogi might want to give a talisman to a student, but none is available. He can “make” one from “nothing” by gathering energy and mentally forming it into the shape of the amulet he wants, then directing his energy to condense the molecules around him into solid substance. Materialization is another ability demonstrated by modern-day yogic masters.

Teleportation, a Siddhi

In the Vedic age, teleportation was a common practice. It continues to exist today among the spiritual practitioners of India, Nepal and other traditions which descended from the Vedas: namely, Hindus, Buddhists, Jains and Sikhs. Teleportation is a siddhi – a power and a natural extension of human capacity. Siddhis are the birthright of each person; capabilities that lie hidden in one’s bio-memory and can be developed through spiritual practice. Teleportation is one of many such abilities.

Kundalini – The Access Door to Higher Powers

Siddhis draw upon a specialized energy which lies dormant in the body. The human energy field, like an electrical field, surrounds and permeates the body. Just as electricity needs a conduit to concentrate and direct it before it can be used, human energy must be accessed to harness it. The key to the access is stored within each person from birth, but cannot be activated until one reaches a certain level of consciousness. That level is enhanced by meditation, and supplemented by other forms of practice. In their experiments with energy the rishis evolved a name for this access, the door to human potential. They called it kundalini, meaning “the coiled one”. It lies curled up like a snake at the base of the spine. Once uncoiled during activation, it flows up the spine to flood and nourish the brain, producing heightened awareness, clarity of thought, and often spontaneous healing of pre-existing illness.

The rishis evolved a reliable set of practices which awakened the kundalini. They are still in use today and are as effective as they were historically.

Scientific Research & Revival of Vedic Science

Paramahamsa Nithyananda, has established an experiential renaissance of the Vedic tradition at his retreat center in modern-day India. Working actively with scientists and researchers worldwide to decode the mystical yogic sciences of the East, he has conducted research with numerous control populations, testing the conditions under which these processes operate and the mechanisms by which they can be duplicated in people without many arduous years of spiritual practice. He has found that awakening the kundalini facilitates the flowering of siddhis even in “ordinary” human beings – those who have not spent a lifetime in yogic pursuits. He already has the knowledge of awakening kundalini in others. He has learned that the first siddhis to manifest in his experiments have been levitation, materialization and teleportation.

Much of this ancient science has been lost during the course of time, yet a lot still remains available. Reclaiming this knowledge can create a large short-cut for the step-by-step process of laboratory physics. Paramahamsa Nithyananda, through his experiments, has found a way to offer this short-cut to the world. He is inviting scientists to collaborate with him to make Vedic technology available for universal use. The age of teleportation is no longer a dream of science fiction. It has already arrived.

Adapted from Paramahamsa Nithyananda’s teachings