Kailash, the Mystical Journey


— By Helen Castner


A trip to Mt Kailash is profound in every way. The high altitude and the blue sky combined with the presence of our beloved Master is truly the experience of a lifetime. From the very beginning the trip was fully charged with high energy. We visited temples and did several pujas and homas. Throughout the trip I was only able to sleep 4-5 hours per night. In spite of this I still felt energized during the day, except for the two days when I had a high altitude reaction. I still remember vividly; since the first night when we crossed the border of Tibet, I started having intense dreams every night until we reached Mt Kailash. The teachings in the dream were written on a board line by line. On the night we arrived at Mt Kailash the teachings in the dream were all about Enlightenment. For all those days we were in Tibet it seemed like there was not much difference between the sleeping and waking state. I either would be awake or the minute I fell asleep I would enter into the dream teaching right away. When I woke up it felt like I didn’t sleep at all. Finally I got a chance to ask the Master why I had those kinds of dreams. The Master answered me without a doubt. He said: “The dreams mean that a lot of karma is leaving you.” Wow! How could a person expect a spiritual journey like this?

We all had one after the other amazing experience. For a day and a half we were all sitting at the foot of Mt Kailash with a clear blue sky, so close to our Master, being in his breathing space. Many hours of Puja was done. We were just soaked in his grace with gratitude. The Akashic Records reading happened at the last part of our first day at Mt Kailash. Lord Shiva sent the message to all of us saying that that was the turning point of our life. He said he will bless the whole the world, including all of us, and will shower on us through snow. When we left Mt Kailash next afternoon it was clear blue sky. After about half an hour drive all of a sudden the weather started to change. Hail started coming down, one little ice ball even jumped into the slightly opened car window and hit my face before we realized what it was. Then we all started shouting: “Yea, we got the blessing!” Minutes later the hail turned in to snowflakes. Swamiji has mentioned several times in satsangs afterwards how he turned on the shower at Mt Kailash and ran away from the morning Satsang. He was referring to this incident.

Another great experience was that we all had a chance to dump one of our samskaras (engram or engraved memory) in to Lake Manasarovar. I dumped my judgement. Now I am very conscious whenever I intent to pass a judgment.

Speaking of the Akashic Records reading at Mt Kailash; when the reading was finished I realized that my question was missing. They lost my question which means they lost a once in a life time opportunity for me! I was so angry! Although I was told that I could ask the same question at the final energy darshan, I still couldn’t get over it. Finally the truth hit me! I realized that anger was actually one of my strong patterns and it just showed up again at the right time to remind me, that this was why my question got lost. Once I saw the truth I decided to take this opportunity to ask our Master to break the pattern for me instead of asking for something else. The next evening I was like an honest student handing my homework to the teacher to ask for help. When Swamiji read my request he laughed and told me he would break the pattern for me. “He must be happy for me to notice my fault”, I thought to myself. Then he asked me what my question for the Akashic Records reading was. I told him and he blessed me that I will have income through singing after the trip. Yes, that is our Master. He gives what we ask for with great compassion and love. He does way more than a mother does for us. Thank You my Master and Guru! I am forever grateful for you!