Ripen Your Seeking to Taste Life!


Seeking is your innermost core’s decision to be free, awakened, and not to continue with the status quo. When you fall in love with this seeking, the capacity to reinvent your very core consciousness gets awakened in you. This state is one where even you will be surprised about you and your very understanding about you will become different. You become so serene, so graceful, so alive, so light, and you are ready to take off.

Is the God In You Still Sleeping?

Seeking is the finest expression of God in a human being. It is Mahadeva expressing in you. The finest, subtlest, greatest power to experience God can express through you is seeking, because He reminds His nature to you, and makes you into He.

When the seeking expresses through your head, it comes out as knowledge to you; when it comes out of your heart, it expresses as devotion; when it expresses through your being, it comes out as energy. Whether it is knowledge, devotion or energy, seeking is the way the God in you wakes up.

Seeking, Another Name for God’s Grace

If you have started seeking, God has showered His grace on you.

His training is not going to stop till you achieve your goal. Shankara says, Mumukshutwa (awakening of seeking) in human being is one of the greatest thing, rarest thing that can happen. Seeking fulfils everything you seek and beyond. It awakens the Truth in you, it awakens the ultimate possibility in you.

Nithyanandoham is the process that gets you on such a flight to the ultimate possibility. I am going to work with you on your bio energy in Nithyanandoham 1008, and the first thing I am going to do is awaken your seeking.

Nithyanandoham will take a life that is on the path of self-destruction caused by hormonal hijack and put you on a trajectory that will awaken the highest possibilities available to human beings. I will work on your bio-energy and I will pour MY SEEKING into you. This is the alchemy of the highest order and it will happen in 21 days.

A Life Hijacked by Hormones

An ordinary human being, from birth to death, goes on freezing, freezing, freezing himself. His/her life is just a hormonal hijack from birth to death, by the time (s)he wakes up, (s)he has already reached death. The hormones take off and tell you “fly the plane as I say, where I want”, and you are hijacked. When the hormones say “come on land here”, you land, and the land is death. Normal life is just hormones hijacking you. The so called “normal life” is nothing but hormonal hijack.

The Short Walk to Seeking

When you are a teenager, when your mom asks you to buy vegetables or milk or some groceries, you won’t even walk up to the corner of the street. But when you fall in love, especially puppy love, to have a glimpse of your girlfriend or boyfriend, you’ll be ready to walk 5 km.

When you fall in love with something or someone, the capacity to reinvent yourself is awakened in you. Similarly, when you fall in love with seeking, the capacity to reinvent your very core consciousness gets awakened in you.

Where Should I Seek?

Start seeking in all aspects of life. Constantly seek the ultimate truth.

Whether you pick up a job, build a career or get married, in every decision, every action, every step of your life, seeking should be the first priority.

This is the best way to prepare yourself for Nithyanandoham 1008. If you are going to be there physically, prepare yourself by awakening your seeking. If you don’t plan on going for Nithyanandoham, awaken your seeking, you will be there.

The Power of Seeking

In seeking, you can do anything available and possible for human beings. For example, if you can take out your body parts like kidney or heart, wash them, add some energy and put them back, it will be easy to maintain your health. Similarly, you can reinvent your consciousness. Through seeking, you know exactly which part of your consciousness needs to be cleansed and you cleanse it. This is not just cleansing your body, but working with the source behind it.

Seeking just intoxicates you with the Ultimate Truth. When you are intoxicated with the Ultimate Truth, nothing, nothing, nothing else is needed. Life, in its fullest form is experienced.


Are Your Actions Maturing Your Soul?

Seeking is our identity, our inner image becoming ripened.

It is our tastes evolving. What we value as joy, right, success, pain, pleasure – these are our tastes. If these are not maturing as we grow older, then we are simply just growing older, that’s all! This is only the status quo of confusion. Only if your tastes are maturing, if you are bringing awareness to your everyday activities, does authentic seeking begin.

Wake Up from Your Dream

There is a dreaming you and a waking you; when you remember the waking you, the dreaming you merges into the waking you. That’s when you wake up and move to the waking you.

This is a very important truth. In the waking state you exist as somebody, and in the dream state you exist as somebody. The moment you remember the you of the waking state, the person who is dreaming wakes up. It is actually the waking state person who enters into the dream person, removes you from the dream and wakes you up.

In the same way, God, the supremely awakened being, is You. You entering into this waking state person and moving you to that awakened state, is what I call seeking. Authentic seeking is nothing but remembering your highest possibilities in life. Waking up from the lower slumber, from the dream state, is seeking. This is the definition of maturity. When we understand that our dreams can only offer us so much, we naturally wake up from them. Likewise, understanding that living without awareness can only offer us so much, is also maturity of the soul. The highest state of being can only be achieved through seeking, constantly waking up to higher and higher possibilities.

When you are in Nithyanandoham, you allow Me to do this process, which is pouring my seeking and awaken the seeking in you.

The Glare of the Shining Sun Cannot Distract the Seeker

In the Upanishads, the rishis clearly say, “Oh energy which is behind the Sun, covered by your shining form which we can all see, please reveal yourself!” They clearly understand, “your shining face is covering your original truth, please remove that and show your original truth!” Even the glaring Sun could not mesmerize the rishis from the seeking of the ultimate truth. Sometimes, even what you understand as glory is used as a covering. The truthful, effulgent, eternal being is the ultimate s, m, n of all that exists. You are the embodiment of imperishable truth and reality.

Understand, the real danger in your life is when you get cozy with the powers and glories of your life, or the life you appreciate.

You should explore the energy behind this glory, whether it is in your life or the life you appreciate. Because you find find some peace, glory and joy after so much suffering and sadness, you just want to settle down in that very station. But settling down may dull your seeking; it may take away seeking from you which rishis are not going to allow. Seeking should continue forever and ever and ever, it should just become your breathing style, your lifestyle. It should become a part of your very core.

Wake up to the Cosmos!

The moment seeking starts, you wake up to Cosmos!

How every day morning you wake up to this world, in the same way when the seeking starts, you wake up to the Cosmos, the higher energies. You wake up not just from your darkness, you wake up from your glories as well! When the real seeking starts expressing through you, you will not only not be settled with your suffering, you will not be settled with your joys also! You will go on seeking your highest possibilities. This is the real waking up to the Cosmos!
Nithyanandoham will awaken the seeking in you. If you taste seeking, that is enough, you’ve got it. Just to experience seeking, come to Nithyanandoham.