Nithyanandoham 1008: BE There!


Nithyanandoham is not just a yoga and meditation program. It is the next revelation from the inner space of an enlightened master and incarnation. Attending Nithyanandoham is giving yourself the ultimate gift of not just tasting, but rejoicing in the space of eternal bliss of enlightenment.

Attending Nithyanandoham is not just a decision, it is a leap. Making it to Nithyanandoham is taking a plunge from the rigmarole of everyday life to the life of the highest possibilities, beyond one’s imagination. It means letting go of your smaller ideas of what is and what can be. The mind often gets riddled with doubts and questions about the nature of the problems often faced by people. Here is an inquisition into those problems or the games played by the mind, and knowing them for what they really are.

The Grip of the Fear of Failure

The fear of failure is the voice in your head that keeps saying, “But what will happen if it does not happen…? How will I handle that…?” It is the small voice that keeps reminding you of all the times when you wanted things to go a certain way and they didn’t and all the suffering it brought.

The real fear you are trying to handle is the fear of how you are going to handle things if it doesn’t take place. That irrational, illogical fear that prevents you from even trusting the fact that Swamiji will take care. Therefore, the nicest thing to do is to say, “Let the fear come. Let all of it come. No issues. Just bring it on. But I know what to do with them. For, I am just going to catch that thought and drop it at Swamiji’s feet.” Because, the thoughts are coming in you. The fear is coming in you. So it is completely in your power to catch that and drop it at Swamiji’s feet.

What is the Context You are Holding?

The difference between any other situation and this is that in the decision of attending Nithyanandoham, you are directly in the care of Paramahamsa Nithyananda. So when you take one step towards him, he literally bears you in his womb as the Cosmic mother. He carries you forward. It is he who creates the resources for you to be at Nithyanandoham.
Those who really want to go to Nithyanandoham, you need to think, “What is the reason because of which we are struggling financially? What is life trying to tell me?” As Swamiji says,

“Whether you are in hell or in heaven, you really need to look at what your consciousness is trying to tell you.”

If you are taking loans to create the realities of your life, what is life trying to tell you about that pattern? Why are you not able to break it? Use Nithyanandoham as the jumping pad to break it, with the clear context that when you take that step towards Swamiji, he takes care of you. He will not leave you orphaned.
The space you hold for Swamiji will determine the space he will hold for you. If you take one step towards Mahadeva, Mahadeva rushes towards you. However, when you relate to the Master, the moment you decide that your entire life is to get towards him, he supports your entire life.

The Grace of the Master’s Feet

When you surrender something at the Master’s feet, you are liberated from it.

Literally, physically and medically speaking, all the nerve endings of the human body end at the feet. So physically speaking, the feet carry the most energy.

It is with the feet that we ground ourselves on the earth. A Master exists in multiple dimensions, multiple realms. Even though all of us do exist in multiple realms, the difference is that the Master is aware of his existence in all of the realms, all of the different dimensions. An incarnation like Swamiji is aware of everything. He is omnipotent and omnipresent. He is connected to everything all the time. His feet are the linking point that bring all the super consciousness, cosmic consciousness down to the realm where we can appreciate and celebrate his presence.

So, when we touch the Master’s feet, the most energy we can possibly get from the Master floods us. Therefore, when we drop something at the Master’s feet it does not just mean that we are putting it in front of him; it means that we are putting ourselves in the highest frequency energy space where it can be dealt with completely.

Swamiji’s feet are that fire where all his energies and powers are stored. So, the moment you think of Swamiji’s feet, you can say “I have this fear. I am dropping it at Swamiji’s feet.” If that fear comes back again, you again say “I am dropping it at Swamiji’s feet.” Tirelessly doing this over and over again liberates you from anything. It simply shows you the results. Surrendering whatever fears you have at Swamiji’s feet gets you results faster than even Google Search, if you are just willing to try it!

“What Will Others Think of Me?”

More than the fear of failure, it is the fear of how others will look at you, talk about you behind your back, react to you, etc that is a source of worry. This is your sva anyakara – conditioning your perception of yourself based on the perception of the world around you.

The moment you drop something at the Master’s feet, there are only two perceptions of you that count – your perception of yourself and HIS perception of you.

If you keep that space of strength, then no matter what happens, people are going to relate to you in a higher space. Swamiji tells us, that in the world around us – the family, the community, the friends and the sangha – there is no such thing as the self and the other. Others are just a reflection of our own inner space.
If you decide that your inner space is going to have the strength of the connection to the Master to create your outer world, first thing that will happen is that there won’t be any possibility for failure. Second, even if by some chance any failure happens, even in that perceived ‘failure’, your state and space will be so high that people will shower you to cause your reality for the next time.

Your Wealth is Your Karma

When you pay for the program you are offering your creation to the Master. Your wealth is your creation. It is an extension of you. That is the karma. This is because it is coming from the wrong context or a half baked context you carry about life. It is coming from a thought current which is not allowing you to go forward, not allowing you to break the karma chakra and making you feel just stuck. So, this money is a by product of a context. When you offer that at Swamiji’s feet, you are offering your karma at Swamiji’s feet. It is just that he is taking off your karmas off your hands and burning it. Therefore, even paying for Nithyanandoham will be HIS gift to you.

Set a strong intention, a declaration, that you will be at Nithyanandoham. The moment you want it, it is yours.