Your Life Need Not Be An Accident!

Your Life Need Not be An Accident

Whatever you want to cause as reality, it is possible. You can achieve completion and fulfilment by achieving what you want. You do not have to live with something written accidentally. All great achievements, whether it is an invention, discovery or realization, everything comes out of fantasy. When ‘responsibility’ and ‘fantasy’ combine, all the best things of the world come out, and that is when creativity happens. So, you do not need to destroy your fantasy; just add responsibility to your fantasy.

You are always creating your reality, whether you know it or not!

Right this moment, whatever you are thinking and feeling, is going to decide how you experience life in the coming moments. Not only can you change how you experience reality, you can change the reality itself. This is the difference between meditation and completion or creating the space. So, if we are not actively creating the reality that we really want, we would end up creating something random, or even worse, something opposite of what we wanted.

How to Cause Your Reality

>> Realize that you have the power to do it, and that you are, in fact, already doing it every day, even though you may not have been aware of it.
>> Empty your mind of all the negative or limiting visualizations – fears, worries, guilt, regrets, etc. This is where completion is important. Simple positive thinking will not help, because so called positive thinking is just negative thoughts interrupted by positive ones! You need to discard the whole negative thinking pattern; you need to uproot it from its source. Drop the entire thought current which triggers the negative visualizations in you, by dropping it from the source every time it comes up.
>> Put the seed for the reality you want to cause by verbalizing and visualizing it as happening or as already happened.
>> Once you create the space for something, if there is an incompletion, the whole space collapses. Don’t think if you just complete that incompletion, that space will be there again. No! You have to recreate the space. So, whenever you find an incompletion, complete that incompletion and drop and recreate the whole space again. Only then it gets its own individual energy, intelligence, inspiration.

Catch the Science of Space Creation

Space creation becoming your basic cognition is ‘mano siddhi’. With authenticity, you will always achieve mano siddhi. Space creation can be achieved in three ways:
1) If you continuously live around the Master, you will see how he holds that space. You will pick it up.
2) If you are directly doing the Guru Seva, again you will pick it up.
3) Continuously doing the perpetual completion, again you will get it.
Realize who you really are – “Nithyanandoham!” (I am eternal bliss) – and it will simply happen. Any seed of reality sown from the space of being in the realization of “Nithyanandoham” flowers into a reality.
“Nithyanandoham” is both, the goal as well as the path to the goal, and the ultimate realization.