Mystical Secrets of the Siddha Sampradaya


The Siddha tradition is the oldest, greatest, most powerful and the most secretive tradition in the world. When something is the most powerful, it is also the most guarded. It is the greatest science of the inner world, comprehending all dimensions of the inner world. Medicines and techniques like yoga, pranayama, kriya, to heal the body and to experience extraordinary powers, spiritual awakening and spiritual experiences in the body. They have yantras, mantras, tantras and techniques to handle the whole cosmos, as they want.

Siddha tradition is a doing tradition, it is not just being. It does not just give you dry answers, like the world is an illusion, why bother. No! They have the tremendous experience that all the world is an illusion, and also the tremendous capability to play with illusion and alter it as they want.

The most practical, comprehensive and life affirmative tradition is the Siddha Sampradaya. This means, not just moving away from life in the name of some concepts or theories. It is working and playing with life, and very playfully expressing all kinds of energies and experiences. Siddha tradition is the only tradition which has a pill for enlightenment. Awakening the non-mechanical parts of the brain can be done with herbs without you being tortured or disturbed through any sadhana (spiritual practice)

People always believe that enlightenment can never be given through an external source. I have also said this many times. People only say that it cannot be given because they don’t know the tradition. I was also saying it cannot be given, because I was not touching the siddha tradition. Now I have decided that I’m reviving the siddha tradition. We will not only be healing people from their illnesses, we will also be helping people to express extraordinary powers like levitation and extraordinary siddhis.

In the land in which I am born and brought up, the Arunachala (A sacred hill, worshiped as a manifestation of Lord Shiva) is witness for this enlightenment capsule. The siddha who lived in Arunachala, Iddaikara, himself had enlightenment only through this capsule. He’s a village shepherd. He was living in the Arunachala vana, taking care of his cows and goats. Navanada Siddhar appeared and gave him a pill for enlightenment and he became enlightened. Arunachala is a witness; I am a witness to this whole incident.

I was trying my best to work with people who will put a little effort into having enlightenment, so they will understand the importance of it. Now I saw that even for a little effort, people are not ready. So I decided to open the tradition of no effort enlightenment, not even low effort enlightenment. Sometimes, they won’t even ask you to swallow a pill. They would create some yantras and mantras and ask you to lie down or sit on it. Just by this, enlightenment and great siddhis were transferred.

In Kerala, there is a temple called the Kodungallur Bhagavathy temple. There is a siddha yantra there, created by a great Siddhar. Whoever goes and sits there, the non-mechanical parts of their brain will get awakened immediately. Even somebody with illnesses such as Schizophrenia will be healed by sitting there. This yantra is still alive and still doing the work it has always done.

Vedanta is effort enlightenment. Yoga is high effort enlightenment. Zen can be called as low effort enlightenment. Siddha tradition is no effort enlightenment! Just through the siddha tradition I will bring the whole vedic tradition alive. One of the oldest traditions, Buddhism, has produced the largest number of enlightened beings. Yoga and Patanjali have produced the largest number of healthy people in the world. Zen has produced the largest number of peaceful people. Siddha tradition has produced the largest number of miracle-makers in the world. Not only enlightened people, enlightened miracle makers. I have seen at least one hundred Siddhars in my life. By the word ‘siddha’ I mean using extraordinary powers in a physical body.

The reason Siddha tradition did not become popular was because people did not pay respect to it. It was recorded on palm leaves, copper plates, gold plates, stone and clay slabs (Kaveri clay). Unfortunately, 90% of all of these were lost. The stone inscriptions, however, remained. These stone inscriptions were preserved in temples in sets. There were three parts of the Siddha tradition: Medicines, techniques, and eternal truths. Eternal truths were used not only for spiritual experiences but also to cure diseases. Techniques were used for awakening the non-mechanical parts of the brain & also for physical healing. Medicines were used for physical and mental healing & also for awakening the non-mechanical parts of the brain. The functions of all three were easily interchangeable.

Siddha’s siddhis can be divided into 5 categories. First is at the level of the Annamaya Kosha, or physical body, which includes materialization, teleportation, etc. Second is Pranamaya Kosha siddhis that can play with air and prana, and cure whole country from disease. Sometimes some peculiar disease would spread like wildfire. The siddha would go to that city and simply breathe the air and the disease would disappear, curing the whole village. Neem trees and Sandal trees were used to clear the air. Third is the Manomaya Kosha where awakening the non-mechanical parts of the brain was done through herbs. For this Tamarind is used. Fourth is Vijnanamaya Kosha which is about entering into different bodies. This takes place in the presence of a Siddha. The fifth and final Kosha is the Anandamaya Kosha which is the direct transmitting of the enlightenment experience and bolting in body by herbs. Banyan trees are used for this. Anything they touched would be miraculous, that’s why miracles are called ‘siddhis’ and not ‘vedantis’. Miracles such as appearing and disappearing wherever and whenever you want, were made into a practical and usable science. Everyone who brought me up, all of them were Siddhars. These were the extraordinary discoveries of the Siddha tradition. Their medicines could heal, awaken and enlighten. This is why I chose to introduce Siddha in my ashram. By doing this, I will not only be healing people but also making them experience extraordinary powers like levitation and materialization by awakening the non-mechanical parts of their brain. If I have to put the whole siddha tradition in one sentence: it is the only tradition that created a capsule for enlightenment.

From the Siddha Talks of Nithyananda, November, 2010, Bidadi Ashram