Three Quick Energy Boosters


– By Ma Nithya Yogananda Swamini

Feeling tired, low in energy and not getting much done? When we feel like this, we tend to grab comfort food such as sweets, energy drinks, energy bars, coffee or tea. This gives a temporary solution – but after some time the energy comes crashing down, leaving us ready to just doze off! This is because boosting and maintaining our high energy can only happen by restoring balance to the body and mind.

“A person having equilibrium of doshas (three bodily humours), agnis (digestive fire), dhatus (tissue), mala (wastes) and kriyas (a spiritual yogic practice), and a person who is possessed by spiritual, sensual and mental happiness is called a healthy person.” (Sushruta, founding father of surgery, 2BCE-1CE)

According to Ayurveda the entire cosmos is an interplay of the energies of the five elements: air, fire, water, earth and space. The combination and reformation of these five elements that manifest as patterns present in all creation are: vata, pitta and kapha.

In our physical body, vata is the subtle energy of movement, pitta the energy of digestion and metabolism, and kapha is the energy that forms the body’s structure.

When looking at ways to boost our energy, Ayurveda offers a holistic view that includes lifestyle, yoga, meditation, pranayama and nutrition to restore the balance of vata, pitta and kapha for vigor, vitality, strength and youthfulness. Here are three quick and delicious recipes to get energized, the Ayurvedic way!

Jal-Jeera Kick

4 cups water
1/4 tsp. whole Cumin (Jeera)
1/3 tsp. whole Fennel (Saunf)
2 pinches of Licorice (Mulaithi)
1 pinch of Ashwagandha (optional)

First boil the water. Pour the hot water into a thermos flask and add the spices. Sip this water throughout the day to improve digestion and increase your energy. If you are a pitta constitutional type, you may let the water cool to room temperature before drinking.


Pick-Me-Up Shake


1 cup peeled almonds
½ cup Pistachios
½ cup Cashews
3-5 Dates
1 tbsp Raisins
1 tsp Rose water
a pinch of Cardamom (Elaichi) seeds
a pinch of Saffron or ground Fennel seeds (Saunf)
2 cups of water (used to soak the nuts and dried fruits) or milk

Soak the nuts and dried fruits for at least 2 hours (preferably overnight). Blend with milk or the water used to soak the nuts till you get a thick shake. Add Rosewater, Cardamom powder and saffron or ground Fennel seeds. Dates add sweetness to it but jaggery can be added to sweeten it further. You can enjoy this drink anytime. It is rejuvenating, toning, strengthening and balances the doshas.


Energy Balls


½ cup Tahini
½ cup desiccated Coconut
1 cup of Dates/ Raisins/ Figs
½ cup of nuts or seeds (peeled Almonds, Cashews, Sunflower seeds, etc.)
To coat: Coconut/Sesame seeds/ground Almonds/raw Cacao powder

Bring all the ingredients together in a blender and mix on maximum speed until they are of a firm, semi-solid consistency. Roll the mixture into bite sized balls, then roll in shredded coconut, ground almond or sesame seeds. Chill before serving. These balls can also be made with ingredients like goji berries, raw cacao nibs, ashwagandha, ginseng, ground flax seed, etc. You may soak the fruit for easier digestion – if so keep them refrigerated, otherwise they can be left outside.


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