What Space Are You In?


The Inner Space

Have you ever heard or thought about the “space” you are in? You may think about the physical space, like living in a city, in nature, in a house or an apartment. Here we are talking about a different space, the inner space, the space you can create within you for life to manifest as a reality.

Nithyananda Yoga is about creating your inner space consciously. The truth is that the space you create inside you is how life will appear for you.

Paramahamsa Nithyananda explains a deep secret of yoga: when you move your body with any thought, intention or inner space, that space will get registered in your muscle memory, in your physical reality. Life will bring forth this reality for you.

Body is a Reflection of Your Space

Your body, your outer space is a pure reflection of your inner space. When you feel angry, your body boils with anger. When you are in fear, your body trembles in fear. When you feel lust, your body responds to the lust. One single thought is enough to activate your whole biology.

When your inner space is filled with unconscious thoughts and patterns, you will not even know why you act the way you act. It will be an automatic response to life from the limited cognition of the deep thought patterns rooted in your mind. This is the cause of all sufferings in our life, what takes us away from the space of yoga.

Spontaneous Disappearance of Mental Patterns

Nithyananda Yoga is the space where you are free of patterns, where you are a spontaneous expression of the life energy that oozes through you. This is what Patanjali means by “Yogaha Chitta Vritti Nirodaha” in his second sutra (techniques) in the Patanjali Yoga Sutras. Yoga is the spontaneous disappearance of mental patterns. So, freeing ourselves from the root patterns we carry is the space of yoga.

During the yoga practice, deep breathing and asanas (posture), you continuously tense and relax the muscles, joints, nerves and every organ in your body. When you do these physical movements, you create the same space physically. New cells are born every moment. That new body is going to be a direct reflection of the inner space you carry. In that moment, if you inner space if filled with patterns like anger or worry even on the subtlest level, you are going to fill your body with the same patterns, allowing them to grow deeper roots. You may feel good for some time after the yoga class, but the moment someone steps on your toe, the same anger will come out.

Create a New Space

For example, if someone’s root pattern is that “I am not good enough”, every time they move their body there will be more of this thought filling their muscle memory. After 100 times of repeating this thought in their inner space, this is going to be their very bio-memory, at the DNA level. They are going to see, feel and experience more and more of “I am not good enough” in life.

You have a choice: You can create a limiting space filled with root patterns, or fill it with a new cognition of expansion and feel fulfilled and free. Do you want a limiting space to see more of the same experiences in your life, or create a free space for expansion to happen? The conscious choice is yours. It is a simple decision, a cognitive shift.

Radiate the Space of Nithyananda Yoga

In Nithyananda Yoga, we do not simply move the body to achieve a particular pose, or breath. We move the body from a base of completion, where you are no more slave to your mental patterns. With this cognitive shift, your biology and your muscles start expressing and radiating the space of positivity, possibility, leadership and enlightenment.
What does this look like in the real world? Our physical bodies glow with life force, our relationships reflect true intimacy, our bank accounts are pouring riches, and our outlook on life is inspiring us to enrich and improve others’ lives to this same optimal standard of living. When these holistic results are radiating from the new found you, you are in the space of Nithyananda Yoga.