Where Are You Headed?


While we spend most of our lives seeking pleasure and happiness, rarely do we pause to look in and identify what we are defining as pleasure and what are the things we are consciously enjoying in life. This looking in is an antidote to the very thing which distracts us from looking in: agitational gratification.

When we see our lives as something that has a narrow span, we get hijacked by hormones and end up focussing on ‘agitational gratification’.

This way of life is a function of an ignorant cognition of identifying ourselves with what is perishable. When we have a larger vision of life as declared by the Upanishads we get established in ‘delayed gratification’ which is the path to success, peace and fulfilment in life.

The Default Condition of the Sense Perceptions

All so-called luxury, the sensory pleasures are agitational gratification. The agitation you feel in the tongue, you gratify it with junk food which destroys your health but gives you temporary gratification. Few minutes later, you are depressed, tired, bored, and want to go to sleep.

Similarly, whether it is through the other senses such as eyes, ears, nose, or touch, the ‘agitational gratification’ items will always be with a short term goal and vision. At those times, you will not even think that you have a life span that is 80-100 years.

What Do You Consider As ‘You’?

If you think you are going to live for 100 years, you know how you are supposed to maintain your mind and body. If you are brilliant and understand it is not only 100 years but it is a cycle of birth and death, birth and death, then you know how you are supposed to handle everything in a mature and wise way. You will be clear about your pleasure, pain, good and bad.

A common person looks only at the 20-25 years (s)he is supposed to live healthily with all the so called pleasures. By 25, (s)he will have a little money to do what he wants and by 50 life is over. So with a very very short vision of 25 years, plan for life is made. Then all your strategies about you and life will be based on things and ideas that are destructible.

Agitational Gratification Destroys You

Anything which makes you get into this ‘agitational gratification’ is the mental setup based on the perishable. It indicates that you are worshipping the perishable. Then you are bound to perish, as you are planning to perish. Don’t cry when the perishing happens to you, because you planned for it and you worked for it.

The Beauty of ‘Delayed Gratification’

Delayed gratification means having a long term vision about you and understanding your pleasure and pain from that cognition. When you are functioning from this principle of delayed gratification, the quality of food, music, visuals, smell and touch you enjoy will transform.

Look at Life With Awareness

Let the hormonal hijack not happen in your life. Let hormones not be the strategizers and decision makers of your life. Look in, don’t be afraid to re-strategize yourself, reinvent yourself, shake your whole life and rebuild it. Don’t be afraid. It is never too late. Even if you are going to die in the next 15 minutes, 15 minutes is too much time. Come back to being imperishable. Let no hormones hijack your consciousness and idea about you.

Cognize Yourself as Imperishable

Your cognition about you and strategy for life should be based on imperishable components (soul/consciousness) which do not perish. Develop the taste of good, bad, right, wrong, pleasure and pain based on that cognition.

Blessed are those who live on imperishable and live with ‘delayed gratification’; cursed are those who live with perishable and live for ‘agitational gratification’.

The Gift of Nithyanandoham

Nithyanandoham has been designed by me to awaken my possibilities in you. It awakens the core of you which is imperishable and works on you at the level of bio-energy. Nithyanandoham is my gift to humanity to establish themselves in the cognition that they are imperishable.

Cognizing yourself and strategizing yourself on the imperishable is the only way to exist and become imperishable.

This will become the sahaja (natural) way of living for Nithyanandoham participants. Establish yourself in the space of Akshaya!