Do You Feel Healthy?


Health is not the Absence of Disease!

Health is thought of as some vague concept that is usually translated to an individual having a disease free body. Such misconceptions are the root cause for the very lack of health in modern day man. The modern day man thinks that if he does not have any major health problems he is “healthy”. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Another modern day myth is that working hard leads to stress and diseases and is the root cause of people being unhealthy. “Hard work” as understood by people today is – working in their office from morning to late evening without any trace of enthusiasm or intensity, but rather, working only for the sake of the monthly salary. This kind of work cannot be called intense action. This so called ‘hard work’ is simply actions aimed at a goal of a salary that is deposited in the person’s bank account every month.

The Myth of Hard Work

The very myth of hard work can break the root cause of lack of health.
The root cause of lack of health is the absence of intense action. Intense action is any action performed with great enthusiasm and responsibility. When an action is performed just for the sake of finishing it, it cannot bring any good to the person performing the action. When the same action is performed after taking into account how the action can make a difference to mankind, to the employer and to the person performing the action, a sense of responsibility takes birth. This responsibility is the sweetness which makes every action enjoyable. When every action from morning till night is performed with great intensity, involvement and responsibility, the very space in the human body that attracts diseases is destroyed!

Take Responsibility for your Health

Responsibly thinking, talking, acting and concentrating all one’s energy in one direction is constant performance. Constantly performing intense actions creates a certain level of prana to be awakened in the person. Constantly when a person aligns himself to responsible performance of intense actions, by the very nature he will not build any mental patterns or samskaras. Deep rooted samskaras are the reason for the lack of health and overall well-being. Any cognition, that is, any understanding, interpretation or perception of a situation that does not leave a person feeling complete leads to the creation of samskaras or patterns. This creation of samskaras does not happen when an individual is constantly acting out of responsibility and is in intense action.

Don’t Entertain Powerlessness

A healthy body is the result of feeling responsibility for the different dimensions of one’s life. Whenever someone entertains powerlessness in the level of the body, they will be in the space of attracting diseases and a lack of ease with their own body. Responsibility removes the feeling of being powerless. Bringing more and more responsibility in every action and thought in one’s life heals all the existing samskaras and does not allow the creation of any more samskaras, leading to a healthy body and mind.

Adapted from Paramahamsa Nithyananda’s teachings