Explore Your Past!


Past lives! There is no one who is not interested in this subject. It is such a mysterious topic that it immediately attracts attention, even if a person’s religion itself does not believe in reincarnation. I talk about past lives so that you can know the facts about your own past life, and use those facts to overcome mental patterns and sufferings in this life. Knowing about your past lives will transform you and is necessary for your spiritual growth sometimes.
Your past has three layers. From the present moment till the moment you took birth in this body is the first layer. From your previous life till the very first time you assumed a body is the second layer. It could be your life as a fish, a tree, or a bird, it doesn’t matter. From the inception of the universe till this very moment is the third layer past. This third layer is where the cosmic archives are found. You cannot access this and you don’t need to. For attaining Jeevan Mukti, the ultimate spiritual consciousness, you only need to work on the first two layers.


The first layer past carries thousands of engrams which influence your decisions. Your relationships, your responses, your thinking, everything is guided by the engrams and patterns that you accumulated in the first layer. Engrams are the memories which are engraved in your system, in your inner space and make you repeat the same actions again and again, even if you know that it is not good for you. When you created them, you created laws for your own happiness. When time has passed, you forget the spirit with which you made them, and follow them by letter.

That is why you always break a law that you follow by letter, and not by spirit. These engrams become bondages to you. I will give you an example – when you were young and somebody bullied you to a corner, you screamed. You found that this always solved the problem, and the bullies ran away. However, forty years later, when you have forgotten the origin and reason for this engram, and you get pushed to a corner, you still scream. This no longer helps you, but you follow it anyway. You don’t remember the spirit of the engram, and only follow the letter. These are dead mental patterns. So, when you work on the first layer past, you will figure out when, why and how you created your engrams. The moment I had the experience of my first layer past, I just knew that I am not going to die. That’s all! All the responses created by me may die, but I myself am never going to die. Exploring the first layer past liberates you from many of your psychological problems.


Anger under your control is power, greed under your control is energy, fear under your control is cautiousness, desire under your control is creativity. When you know why you created what you created, you will have the tremendous freedom to throw what is not delivering the same result to alter things for the results you need. If you know the spirit of the law, you get the intelligence to alter, correct, manipulate, delete the law as you want for the required results.

Exploring the second layer past liberates you from all your physiological problems. Your mind is the totality of the first layer past and your body is the totality of the second layer past. Maya is the totality of your third layer past. Let me give you some more insights into the second layer past. Sometimes, the habits which have become your bio-memory do not start just in this body. They start from your earlier bodies, from your past births. There are many bio- memories that may be related to your past lives. For example, if someone died due to a snake bite in their past life, they will still carry the mark on their body. So, there are many diseases that you can just walk out of, if you can work on your second layer past.


If you work on the first layer past, you walk out of many mental disorders. Your mind-related life will be complete and fulfilled. If you work on the second layer past, you walk out of many physical disorders. I have seen people walk out of cancer when they understood, in which life they had picked up that pattern. Past is not dead till you completely disconnect from it. As long as it is hanging attached to you, it has its own effect on you. Working on your past lives directly transforms your present and makes you enlightened, as well as makes you live enlightenment.

Taken from Nithyananda’s Webinar on Past Lives on 29th August, 2011, Bidadi Ashram, Bangalore