Identity is Confused Reality!


“yogi yunjita satatam atmanam rahasi sthitah |
ekaki yata-cittatma nirasir aparigrahah ||” – Bhagavad Gita, Dhyana Yoga, 6.10

“The Jeevan mukta having subdued his thoughts and character his identity being free from desires, with an attitude of renunciation, seated within oneself in aloneness should continuously connect with the higher state of consciousness by unclutching.”

Subduing thoughts anybody can do. It is not a big thing. Thoughts can be reduced very easily with very simple techniques. Any simple technique like washing your water pot can bring your thoughts down. That is not a big thing. Subduing your identity. Thoughts are food, identity is the person who eats. Who eats should be subdued, not just the food. The identity grows, expands with thoughts. If the identity is not getting touched it is easy to have less number of thoughts. When the identity is touched, just like how bees come out of the beehive comb, your thoughts will come out like the bees. People who are otherwise calm, if a person they don’t like pokes them, just like bees their thoughts come out. If your identity is not touched, having less thoughts is not a big thing.

The ultimate ability is the ability to renounce the desire to be a hero!   The ability to renounce the identity. The attack on me in 2010 was not defamation, it was literally creating identity crisis. Defamation is different, trying to create identity crisis is different. Trying to confuse people completely about who I am. And they tried to even confuse me! See, constantly for 3 years if someone tells you – “You are a cheat, you are a cheat”, you may start thinking, “Am I really a cheat?” Not once I doubted me. How can I doubt me? Understand it is easy to live when the whole world doubts you. It is impossible to live when you doubt yourself. After all this I have not doubted myself for  a moment because I have experienced myself. I have seen the beautiful side of me, the graceful side of me. When I saw the graceful side of me, I just fell in love with myself.

The ability to drop your identity in front of anyone is the quality of a sadhu and I wanted this to be a Guru vaak to all my ashramites. You think all the abuse I am going through, I am worthy of it? It is excess being done on me. But that is the way life is. That is the way humanity is. That is because you did not become enlightened few thousand years before and serve humanity. I am struggling all alone. See lakhs of people died in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. All the people who are dead are they worthy of that death? The ability to drop the identity is jivanmukti. I tell you one more secret. As long as you have a certain identity, you will always feel the society is adharmic towards you. It is a basic secret. Your logic is filled with pus. It sees only from your side. If I judge whatever is done to me by the society is adharmic, my logic becomes pus.

Society is not a group of people. Society is the other person. It is not collective. It is even one person whom you hate. Whoever you think is the worst person you have seen in your life is society for you. If you have somebody as your enemy and feel that this fellow cannot come out of patterns and he will suffer, understand that now God is sending you the diagnosis! He is giving you the possibility to diagnose you. You have exactly same problems!

face (c) Phil Trewin_S

The most fortunate human being is the one who does not suspect himself, does not doubt himself. He is completely able to put his whole faith on him. You putting your faith on you does not happen by you convincing you but it happens by you dropping your identity about you. Go around, whomever you think of as your enemy, again and again sit with them and express the opinions you carry about them and vice versa. One more funny thing you will realize is that who you think of as an important enemy in your life may not think that you are an important enemy in his life. I have seen love is always a triangular and hatred is always triangular too. If you love someone, that person loves somebody else. If you hate someone, that person hates someone else. It is never a straight line, it is a law. You will never have direct enmity for your enemy who is supposed to be your enemy. So whoever you think of as your direct enemy is not your enemy. It is a law. These are all sarvabhoumya – universal – laws.

One thing you need to be very clear about. Your logic has no capacity to find your enemy. So whoever you think as your enemy is not your enemy. When you sit with him and open up you will realize that that person has somebody else as his main enemy.

I am asking you to give up the identity in the worldly life even if you say “I have to see practically”. I am talking to you understanding all the “practicalities”. I am telling everyone clearly that I know all the situations which you have gone through, are going through and will go through. This truth is to be practiced at all times  and not to be compromised at any time on the pretext of a “practical situation”. “What Swamiji said is right. But even if he was here, he would have behaved like this only”. No! I am telling you this for all possible situations. Ability to let go of your identity makes you the hero whose identity can never be destroyed. I want those heroes around me. They are jeevanmuktas.

Your identity costs you only your life, nothing else. It is the identity with which your heart associates yourself – that should become sadhu – chilli-less, anger-less, violence-less. Then you will become the centre of creativity. You will express so much leadership quality and the ability to inspire. The ability to inspire others is nothing but the ability to inspire yourself. That’s all. The ability to inspire can never be a cunning technical truth. If you are able to inspire yourself to sit in the morning satsang everyday and apply these truths, you will have the ability to inspire your subordinates and make them do the work.

The idea of enemy or friend is based on your perception which itself is unstable. You are constantly building the multi-storey towers on the earth which is going through constant earthquakes. You are building skyscrapers on tectonic plates. Your hatred, your love, your friendship, your enmity are all skyscrapers. But you are using it on tectonic plates. Your whole life is wasted on just protecting your identity which is going to ditch you at the end of your life. You go around and fall out with so many fellows for the conspiracy done against you, but you never look in and suspect the conspiracy done against you by your own identity.

Blessed are those who realize the conspiracy done against them by their own identity. Cursed are those who never realize the conspiracy done against them by their own identity. If you are able to beg food and your needs from the people, you grow as a sadhu. If you are able to drop your identity and beg forgiveness from other identities you become jeevan mukta. If you are able to beg others to drop their identity, you become incarnation!

Understand, I am not asking you guys to go around and beg for food. That will be easy for you to do. That will not have much impact. But if you can go around and beg for forgiveness for what others think as hurt by you, that is what I want. What you think of as the hurt that you have caused to others may not be the real hurt. What they think as the hurt you have caused to them is the real hurt. Same way, what you think of as the hurt others have caused you, they may have not done it consciously. So, forgive them. Same way, what others think of as the hurt you have caused to them, you may not even know. Ask them to forgive you. This is the science of forgiving, the science of gracefully moving ahead. In life anybody who thrives will be in renunciation. Thriving happens on renunciation. Renunciation is the ground on which the seed of thriving thrives.

The ability to renounce the identities constantly is thriving. The person who thrives with the ability to renounce identity is Jeevan Mukta. The being who is capable of thriving continuously by renouncing the old identities is living enlightenment. Do not wait for the wounds in you to be healed by others. Do not wait for the wounds in others to be healed in the course of time. Do not wait for others to heal the pain you are carrying inside you. Do not wait for the other’s pain to heal in the course of time. *Instead, you be proactive in healing the wounds and pains in others, you be proactive in healing the wounds and pains inside you by dropping it.

*Healing can happen through the completion process with self and others – the sva poornatva and poornatva kriyas – given by Paramahamsa Nithyananda

Taken from Nithyananda’s  Daily Bhagavad Gita Discourse on 8th September 2012, Kodaikanal, India