From Nithyananda’s “Dial The Avatar” program, which is a part of the Nithya Satsang (daily morning talk), on 31st March, 2013 in the Bidadi Ashram, Bangalore, India

Caller: I have been listening to your satsang everyday. What according to you are the main components of integrity?

Nithyananda: Integrity has two components. The first part is – whatever word you give to you, you either have to honor it or complete it by withdrawing it. Secondly – whatever word you give to others, you either have to honor it or complete it by withdrawing it. For example, if you have told somebody that you will give them one lakh rupees, you have to honor your words even if feel you have to give up your life for it! However, if for some reason you realize that even if you give up your life you will not be able to give that person one lakh rupees, at least complete it by telling them, ‘I won’t be able to fulfill my word; I am completing it.’

In the same way, every thought you give to you is a word you give to you. If you have told yourself, ‘I will buy a car for myself, lots of clothes, and a big house’, remember that it is a promise you have given to yourself! You have to honor it even by giving your life. If you think you can’t honor it, then you have to complete with yourself. You have to do completion even with yourself.

So bring straightforwardness into any dealing – with yourself, with others, with the world, with God, with the Guru. Be straight and keep your word with integrity.

Caller: But what if others don’t reciprocate in the same way?

Nithyananda: Even if others don’t reciprocate, it can’t be the reason for you not doing it! Remember, you are not being integrated for the sake of others. You are doing it for your own enlightenment, your own expansion, your own success, your own victory in life! Others may not need to reciprocate because they are not interested in enlightenment, they are not interested in spirituality, they are not interested in success. You are the one who is interested, so you will have to take up the responsibility of establishing yourself in integrity. But you will find that when you establish yourself in integrity, the world also will start reciprocating!