My Hemoglobin & Fulfillment Shot Up with Nirahara Samyama!


I did the Nirahara Samyama with the second batch for 21 days in Bangalore, India.

As a challenge to the belief that Nirahari (one who does not intake solid food) can run our life much better than being an ahari (one who takes food normally), I was faced with lot of work at home and on the professional front (three times more than on regular days), which was like eating a piece of cake! I could do a good job of all with such ease and productivity, it was amazing! During the same period, I would sleep for just 4 hours a day and it would be a deep quality sleep without dreams or disturbance of any sort.

I experienced a state of constant bliss, fulfillment, gratitude and devotion thanks to the constant ajapa Japa (internal repetition of a chosen mantra taken as a spiritual practice) we practiced during the samyama. Every evening between 6-8 pm I had a sweetness in my throat, which was accompanied by a state of indescribable bliss.

My hemoglobin which was 11g% prior to the Samyama, which shot up to 13g% after the samyama (after not eating food for 3 weeks) That beats all logic!

I have resumed to eating as and when I want after the samyama as I have not done the “THE Samyama” yet. Just that everyone at home was very upset with me since I was not eating while I continued to cook for them. It is a wonderful way to live, not bound to be eating regular meals all days. At the same time enjoying your meal better than ever before for all the awareness that has been infused into the process of eating.

I pray to the Divine feet of Swamiji, to bless me with THE Samyama, so that I can live the life of a Nirahari in the near future.

Dr Srilekha Karthik (Pediatrician)
Bangalore, India