Miraculous Healing of Allergies & Health Improvements


My name is Ma Ananda Sanghavasini. I am a Meditation Facilitator in Calgary, Canada. I would like to share a few amazing healing experiences that has happened to me because of Swamiji’s healing and “THE Samyama” program offered by Swamiji free of cost.

First is a miraculous healing of a severe allergic reaction. Since the year 2000 I have been suffering from allergic reactions to heat and exposure to sunlight. This reaction manifests itself as a swelling of the face while face and neck are covered in small blisters. It is extremely uncomfortable and painful to say the least. Right before the start of THE Samyama program I was suffering from such an allergic reaction. I asked Swamiji for healing; not only for the healing of swelling and blisters but also for the patterns that keep causing this. Swamiji gave His blessings and told me He would clear it. In the past this allergic reaction would have taken at least 3 weeks to clear up. Now, with Swamiji’s blessings and healing, it took 4-5 days!

The healing that happened for me was not only of the skin but of the inner wounds of self-hatred as well. Swamiji explained that THE Samyama works deeply on clearing all patterns related to self-hatred along with all food-related patterns.

After the program Swamiji had requested for all of us to get tests done recommended by a physician to make sure we are all healthy. I did all the tests; blood- and urine work, ECG, Ultrasounds, etc. The test results were astonishing. Of course I felt great, I didn’t need any ‘proof’ for that. Nevertheless, to see the facts right there on top of the experiences of healing I had is nothing short of a miracle.

There are two major improvements in my health since I started participating in Nirahara Samyama that allopathic medicine had failed to heal.

1) About 5 years ago doctors noticed three or four huge ovarian cysts on each ovary on an ultra sound that was done. Especially the left ovary had been extremely painful. Now, after having done the ultra sound as a check- up for THE samyama, there was no trace of any cysts!

2) From when I was about 16 years old until now, at the age of 40, I have suffered from Hypoglycemia. This resulted in blood sugar levels going up and down, mood swings and feelings of weakness and dizziness continuously. After participating in THE Samyama last month, I suddenly came to the realization that I have had none of these symptoms at all since the beginning of the Nirahara Samyama first level!

There are no words to express the gratitude for the blessings of healing that Swamiji keeps showering on all of us.

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