A Simple Life!


I am initiated by Paramahamsa Nithyananda into the science of Nirahara. My only consumption now is water, light soups, buttermilk, kanji, juices etc. The ultimate goal is to evolve towards consuming only water and thereafter to fully allow the body to use only prana (life force energy) from space.

After seven months of being a Nirahari I got some blood tests done, in order to check what it looks like when prana takes care of my body. Today I received the results. The doctor informed me, that all the values are super: sugar, iron, kidneys, cholesterol level, adrenal gland is fat-free, iron value is 20. “Everything is super”, she said. In the past, I used to donate blood regularly, but several times due to low iron levels I was not allowed to. Now after living on prana, all values including iron have come to their original state of balance, restoring perfect health.

Needless to say, I also feel energetic and healthy. I sleep no more than 4 hours a day, performing a lot of intellectual and physical work, even doing yoga. However this proof from the medical field is important for those who may have doubts about Nirahara Samyama, and whether the body can really sustain itself on prana.

I no longer run my life for buying food, so my motivation for work has taken a turn towards enjoying my work for a change. I have found the right balance between working and fulfilling my other hobbies, creative skills, and discovering my inner potential. I am finally feeling fulfilled and enriched. I am no longer a slave to work, and not running away from life either. I no longer spend the whole day working and hating it, instead my work has started enriching those involved in it. At 58, I have finally started living and enjoying the experience of life.

Another natural side effect of practicing Nirahara is that fear, uncertainty and greed have disappeared from my system. The urge to possess things from the external world, accumulation of money, goods, and the madness of consumerism luring people to satisfy the lower pleasures just disappears. Man is by nature meant to be simple and blissful, not constantly manipulated and stressed over money and belly. No one can manipulate happy people, and life as a Nirahari will show everyone how very limited the social idea of happiness is in the first place.

Embracing Nirahara as a lifestyle is a concrete, effective and visible action that has the power to raise the consciousness mankind lives in. It is like a small stone thrown from the top of a snowy mountain that launches an avalanche of tremendous, superconscious power that can only do good for us and those around us. This avalanche can destroy the outdated, hardened patterns of the world and its false order – patterns that are suffocating our innate connection with God, and the divine nature within us.

I don’t know about you, but I certainly cherish the most sophisticated mechanism in the universe, the human body, and that is why I have chosen to allow it to thrive on pure prana, the life force that is our birthright. Thank God no one has yet thought of bottling prana and selling it!

By Mirjana Brickweg (Ma Nithya Guruswathikananda)
Entrepreneur & Event Organizer
Rijeka, Croatia