Deep Connections between Mantra Chanting & Healing


In the Upanishads (collection of spiritual texts that form theoretical basis for the Hindu religion) the word nada brahma is mentioned which means from sound, existence expresses itself. Everything in this universe is made out of subatomic particles called quarts. Nithyananda says that it is the nada (called sound in Sanskrit) or the sound that acts as an energy binding the quarts together thus creating a solid form called matter. So any solid matter including our body is created out of nada. A great saint who lived few centuries ago, Arunagirinathar sang a beautiful verse regarding creation. It goes as follows – nada bindu kalaathi namo namo. The subatomic particles or the quarts are poetically described as the bindu while the life force energy or the force which creates matter is poetically described as nada. Nithyananda explains that the saint describes creation through nada poetically by describing Subramanya (a Hindu deity), an expression of Shiva (one among the Hindu Trinity), as the lord of nada and bindu.

Just as sound is responsible for the creation of the human body so also it is responsible for any kind of physical or mental sickness an individual would have. The quart, by its nature, is pure consciousness and free of all disease. Once the energy field that binds the quarts responsible for the disease is altered, then the disease gets cured automatically. Healing happens only when work is done on the nada (not on the bindu).

Healing can happen in two ways, by creating the right sound and by repairing the wounded nada through sound – taking the disturbed nada structure to a being in whom anahata dhvani (uncreated sound or the sound which is created without any collision of matter) happens continuously. Thus, mental and spiritual health is restored through the right sound. When the wounded nada being goes near a being in anahata dhvani, his whole body and mind goes through a complete restructuring and healing, the brain is rewired, consciousness is raised and a cognitive transformation happens. That is why the master’s intense radiating anahata dhvani is called sarva roga nivarini (cure for all diseases). The sounds created out of the anahata dhvani is mantra.

The whole world follows one of these two traditions – light based and sound based tradition. Traditions that were created by manipulating light particles are light based traditions while the traditions that were created by working with nada are sound based traditions. While the western world used light particles as the foundation on which science progressed, the Vedic tradition focused on sound to create. In the Vedas it is written that the pushpaka vimanam (ancient flying chariots) functioned by creating a particular vibration. Weapons were employed using sound vibration. Vedic masters were able to summon the Sun and the Moon just by sound. Nithyananda says that it is time to rediscover this science and make it available to humanity again. He says he and his sangha (spiritual community) have already taken up the science of using soundless sound and mantras for transformation.


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