Bring World Peace By Unclutching

Photo (c) Trifon Marchovski
Photo (c) Trifon Marchovski


Being peaceful within means being in completely unclutched space or the restful awareness space internally and taking more and more responsibility and being productive externally. Let me define “peace”. Peace means: being at ease internally and responding to the world in a most efficient way, and being most productive to the humanity. If you wish to authentically make a difference and bring peace to the world, you must first bring peace yourself within. Being peaceful within means: being in completely unclutched space, or the restful awareness space.

Let me define this word “Unclutching – Being Unclutched”. When you are not transferring the stress and load created by one thought to the other thought and carrying that load constantly. Please understand, usually you transfer the load and the stress you create by one thought to the other thought and when you are constantly transferring those emotions to the next thought your inner space becomes insensitive, loaded with so much of emotions, it naturally sinks into depression, restlessness, boredom – all the negative emotions. Unclutching is not connecting one thought and the other thought and carrying the same stress and emotions.

When you unclutch you stop carrying the stress and negative emotions from one thought to the other thought and when you don’t carry that stress, suffering, negativity, pressure, restlessness from one thought to the other thought naturally you experience peace inside.


Peace at the level of self: Being in the restful awareness zone at all times, being unclutched within is peace at the level of self. Please understand; every human being has the birthright for the peace within. The Peace at the level of self is the birthright of every human being and everyone should do it. Everyone should have this peace experience – life while you are living.

Second: Peace at the level of Family. Being unclutched and mature in your relationships and executing your responsibility towards your family and relationships. Every householder, person who has a family, is responsible for his family’s peace. Even if you are not the head of a family, please understand; every person who is part of the family is responsible for the peace of the family.

Third: Peace at the level of community. Being unclutched in the way you relate with your community, taking up responsibility towards your community and performing actions that radiate responsibility. I tell you, when you unclutch, so much of your inner space will be freely available to you. You will be able to do so many creative things, radiating responsibility.

Fourth: Peace at the level of Society – Being unclutched in the way you relate to the society and being responsible at the societal level. Please understand; only at this level you will really feel the sacrifice – the “tyaga” – the joy of sacrifice happening to you. I tell you, only at that moment you really feel: “What can I contribute to others and make a difference?”

When each individual is established in being unclutched at the level of Self naturally he will create the peace at the level of family, then at the level of community and it will expand to the level of society. Naturally peace has to start happening at the level of nation and the whole civilization itself.

Taken from Nithyananda’s  Peace Webinar on 22nd April, 2012, Bidadi