Live Stress Free! A Simple Technique


Every researcher that devoted time and energy to understanding stress in human beings has managed to unveil a temporary solution or two, but what nobody discovered was that laying an emphasis on anything, including the necessity of a stress-free life, brings in stress. There may be a thousand solutions to overcome this stress, but emphasizing on their importance will only bring in more and more conflict.

Anything done out of free will is a technique for a stress-free life, even if it is as simple as a hand movement. One way to live this life is by obtaining technical information about everything, be it walking, cooking or talking. For example: Why does one breathe? Where does it lead? Does it help achieve a goal? If it doesn’t, can it be changed?

Lack of relevant technical information is the root cause of conflict and stress. At many points, human beings find themselves having desires that completely contradict each other. Bringing in the right technical information helps fuel the intelligence to understand that ultimately, only one of the conflicting desires can be fulfilled and helps in making an informed choice. In more ways than one, this technique brings tremendous clarity within.

Understanding and adding information to the system helps iron out one’s life. This process of ironing out life is a spiritual routine that has been observed by sannyasis and yogis all over the world. Even the spiritual beings that wandered observed this routine in the time between Guru Poornima and Navaratri, where they stayed put and added enough information to ensure that they lived a life completely devoid of stress. Every action is done as a conscious choice and is celebrated. Every individual who seeks spiritual enlightenment is advised to observe this technique, even for the simplest of actions.

Basic observation can help infer that the average individual does not stay within his or her bodily boundaries while performing the simplest of actions. It is much easier to get caught up in a distant fantasy or in an irrelevant train of imagination while in the shower. Staying completely conscious of oneself adds intensity to these actions and cleanses the body and mind much more effectively. Correctly applied, this technique ensures the end of laziness when it comes to physical work. It helps one understand that it is lack of technical information that allows lethargy to take over.

There are five techniques to lead a stress free life. They involve bathing consciously, having breakfast consciously, going to work (or school) consciously, having lunch consciously and at the end of the day, falling asleep consciously. The beauty of these techniques is that nothing is changed from the routine; all that is added is enough technical information to eradicate stress and ensure that life is as beautiful as it should be.

Taken from Nithyananda’s Morning Discourse, 4th September, 2010, Bidadi Ashram