October, 2013 Horoscope for Vedic Moon Signs


By Ma Nithya Chandrananda

Monthly Horoscope For Vedic Moon Signs. Vedic Moon Signs can be found in the birth chart or “kundali” which can be prepared by an astrologer or generated online on a Vedic astrology website


October is an excellent period to develop your ability to commit in a partnership. You seek fast results in everything you do! But becoming willing to take responsibility for the effects of your actions on others is a must! Mature your relationships with the power of the *poornatva kriya, undetaking completion with yourself and others. Bring balance between the ‘I’ and the ‘you’. Your impatience and opinions create the tendency to blame others and your irritation may really throw you off balance. Your excessive independence is more a kind of self protection and selfishness, rather than freedom and autonomy!


The key word is: practicality! You need to live reality as it is, in all its ordinary flow, trivial duties which you would like to escape for the time being! Enlightenment always happens in the ordinary, in the simple, in the present moment, and not in some remote dimension in the astral plane nor in isolation. There is nowhere to run away. Be realistic and humble in front of all menial tasks. Do it as if your breath was holding on to it. Be complete in your day to day life and practice this wisdom throughout October.


Mental tensions are likely to increase. Irritations and frustration level may shoot up due to growing mental pressure. Completion with the fear of not performing to your optimum will help you to relax. Problems related to stomach could increase. You are advised to take precautions to prevent such situations from prevailing – drink Neem juice to settle your digestion. It is advised to control your speech and not say rude things to your family members as it would worsen a situation.


October will start with your positive outlook, you will be in a flowing and easy mood, with a skill to promote work. Your ability to create and consolidate your networks will be at its best. You will feel a change after 17th October, 2013 as you will create strength in what you do and be able to take a stand for the responsibilities you took up. Give your listening to members of your extended family; they will need you and your undivided attention to settle issues.


Whenever you are looking, moving, relating to any person or object, let your awareness be on the space between you and that object. Feel that all the objects around you are just tiny particles in space. See space, hear space, feel space everywhere. Continuously experience the silent presence of space in and around you. When you work with this technique, you will lose your fascination with the material world and liberate yourself from greedy attachments to gains.


Planet Jupiter is sitting in the tenth house of your horoscope, so you are likely to get the support of your seniors and colleagues at your workplace. It could also lead to a promotion and a rise in your enthusiasm. The period is excellent to go out and enrich your brothers and sisters with the four tattvas. Be aware of sudden decisions you make, and use your intuition and discrimination in business matters because you could take wrong decisions. If you are into business, make sure you go through all the paperwork carefully when you are about to sign a deal.


You are advised to recite the mantra “Om Sham Shanaishcharaye Namah” for completion with Saturn energy. Also, worshiping Lord Ganesha will bring good results in all aspects. There is a conflict between the personality you show to the outer world and the personality you reveal in your inner world. The uneasy feeling between these two identities creates tensions. Remember you are much more than these two identities. When you “unclutch” from it, you will realize you are beyond your self-imposed stress.


On 19th and 20th October 2013, be aware of your inner space and how your thoughts and feelings are blending together to lead you to action. You may feel surges of irritation towards people on no grounds at all! If you feel puzzled about it then it means you have not analyzed it sincerely. Finding out the root of it and completing will help you stop your impulse for anger as soon it shows up as a slight movement within. Controlling it will keep your pitta dosha (a body humour which controls digestion, metabolism, and energy) balanced. Choose wisdom over egoistic reactions, practice *svapoornatva kriya for completion with yourself!


The planets are blessing you with a beautiful period of development in and through your social networks as well as rise in your professional status. Your relationships and partnerships are under Jupiter’s blessings, giving you easeness with yourself, fulfillment and an ability to outgrow any difficulties. This whole month planetary energies are gracious, so take up opportunities and step out of your comfort zone to reach your star! All your efforts to break the limits you put on yourself will be very rewarding.


It is up to you to make the best of this time professionally, as you have inner strength to climb up the ladder and outgrow a situation where you have felt stuck for some time. You can rely on your power of communication. Travelling will open and instigate new opportunities. Your learn the art of diplomacy and how to use it to help yourself and others around you. This is an excellent time to practice meditation regularly! Also, any commitment you take up in life now will get strongly imprinted as a vow in your inner space.


Emphasis should be on spiritual progress. You can gain tremendous insights by assessing your patterns and penning down their dynamics in day-to-day life. Lots of insights can be revealed by writing those words! Make yourself empty and know that emptiness is your real nature. The courage to be empty is to be one with the Whole. When you are full, you remain empty, and when you experience your emptiness, you are fulfilled. Use this technique in all areas of life in October.


The period until July 2014, shows great potential and will to study a topic in depth. Any spiritual and yogic sciences will be fascinating to you. Offer enough space to your life partner. Let the person be him/herself without feeling your weight upon their shoulders! Be there for this person, listen to their feelings and wishes, be aware of their body language. It will help you to un-entangle situations where the other is not able to share what is in their heart.