Are You Complete With You?


Be Complete!

The fundamental way of enriching life with enlightenment is by being complete with all the patterns carried within. Any action that remains unfulfilled as per our fantasy, either due to hindrance from the outside world or from within can be termed as an incompletion. This can be either with ourselves or with another person. If we want a friend to live up to certain expectations that he or she can not honour, then it leads to incompletion. The first step to healing such an incompletion is to render the relationship complete. The only way to do this is by facing the other person and healing the hurt caused in the relationship. This can also be done by invoking their presence if they are no longer physically present. This process of completion and subsequent healing is absolutely necessary. Unless we are complete in all dimensions, life does not begin – living does not happen in us.

Similarly, incompletion also happens internally. Any unfulfilled desire or fantasy carried by us, relating to ourselves, remains as an incompletion. The ideas which we have about us, we should either fulfill them or drop them. If we can not afford to fulfill them with our adopted lifestyle then dropping those will bring about completion with ourselves. For completion to happen, authentic listening needs to happen first. We need to authentically listen to the cries of our heart. This does not mean we will do everything that our heart wants. Just listening to our heart can give tremendous self satisfaction. Completion with ourselves involves giving ourselves the much needed self-attention. It even cures physical pain, as pain is a simple manifestation of being unable to sit comfortably with oneself.

When there is a disturbance, the source is invariably from within us. Be it any kind of hindrance, this technique of completion within the self will be the path to enriching one’s life and cleansing the body of all negativity in its varied forms.

Sva-Poornatva Kriya

a. Identify what is it that has been a repetitive pattern that you have within you which makes you experience low energy again and again and which keeps on repeating itself in your life. Also identify other additional conflicts that you are carrying which make you experience low energy in your life.

b. If you do not remember repetitive experiences in your life where the same conflict has happened again and again. What is it that makes you experience low energy and low emotions in your life?

Make a conscious resolution with integrity, authenticity and responsibility and make this declaration – ‘Now, I am complete in life.’ Declare to yourself – ‘I am now in poornatva. I am committing to being complete and causing completion for myself and for life. I am enriching myself and life with completion.’

Then go to a place where you have a mirror. Please understand that the person in the mirror is the incomplete half of you. Often that incomplete half of you is a small child – only a few days/months/years old. So when you complete with the “little you” in the mirror, you restore completion to the person in the mirror and inside you as well. This is what you should do:

  • Sit in a comfortable position facing the mirror
  • Connect with the person in the mirror
  • Look directly into the eyes of the person in the mirror
  • See the 1 year old or 2 year old or the 3 year old or the 4 year old or the 10 year old in the mirror which is the incomplete half of you
  • Go back to earliest memories of your life and relive incidents/situations in your life where you have experienced low level energy emotions such as anger, guilt, frustration and agitation with yourself (incompletion in some form) from those incidents/situations
  • Now take responsibility for liberating yourself from this incompletion you are carrying within you which you have kept alive all this time
  • Re-live those incidents/situations completely. Then, talk aloud with the person in the mirror till you experience completion happening both for you and for the person in the mirror.

Note: Repeat re-living the incidents/situations and continue talking again and again till you experience being free of the low level emotions inside you

Once you have experienced completion with incomplete part of u in the mirror –

  • You will feel light
  • You will feel absence of something, being relieved of some big burden
  • Until this happens, continue digging out.
  • Keep finishing it off. Getting it out of you, expose it totally.
  • Once you feel that there is an absence of heaviness, to a certain extent svapoornatva is done. Continue doing this till you experience completely being out of its grip, till you are completely out of pain or any other heaviness that exists within.

Poornatva Kriya

Make a conscious resolution with integrity, authenticity and responsibility and make this declaration – ‘I am only being complete in life.’ Declare to yourself – ‘I am now in poornatva. I am committing to being complete and causing completion for myself and for life. I am enriching myself to completion.’

Poornatva Kriya is restoring completion to the different incomplete parts of you which are sitting in others. While doing Poornatva Kriya with others there may be two possibilities –

You may have a very strong resistance to some person. The resistance or fear or hatred is so strong that you cannot even think of facing that person and talking to him or her. If that is the case, first sit in front of the mirror and invoke that person’s presence in the mirror. See that person sitting in the mirror. Connect with that person making eye to eye contact with him/ her in the mirror. Re-live incidents that happened between you and that person and then talk to the person in the mirror till you experience completion.

You may be in talking terms with the person or you are comfortable with that person and have no major resistance in communicating with that person. If that is the case, talk to that person directly either in person or, if you do not have access to talking in person, talk over the phone. If there is no access to even a phone, then communicate through email. If there is no access to email also, then sit with the mirror and connect with that person in the mirror and do the completion process.

First do Poornatva Kriya with your mother. Before you begin to talk to her, remind yourself – ‘With integrity, authenticity and responsibility, I am declaring that I am enriching myself and life with completion.’

Then you talk to your mother, share the incidents where you experienced incompletion with her. Share with her what it was in each situation which left you incomplete with her. Take responsibility for your emotions and actions now and LISTEN and talk to your mother and restore completion. Listening means not having any judgements or pre-conceived notions when the other explains something. When you are complete, you will experience a shift in the way you now experience your mother – that is, you will see the heaviness reducing, you will feel free.

After you complete with your mother, do this process with your father & all other relationships in your life such as – your brothers, sisters, spouse, children, friends, etc. Most important thing to note is – Do not entertain spontaneous lying. When you are talking to yourself and others during this kriya, be aware of not getting into spontaneous lying. Listen to others and take responsibility for their inauthenticities also. Also do completion with Swamiji by sitting face to face with his photograph.


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