Upanishad Samyama – Discover Yourself!


“Yogi yunjeeta satatam aatmaanam rahasi sthitaha
Ekaki yata cittaatmaa niraasheera-parigrahaha”
– Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 6 : Dhyana Yoga, Verse 10

“The jeevan mukta having subdued his thoughts and identity, being free from desires with an attitude of renunciation seated within oneself in aloneness should continuously connect with the higher consciousness by unclutching.”

In the same way that a baby grows in the womb of its mother when she is sleeping, the soul of an initiated disciple grows when he is seated alone, within the self. Upanishad means nothing but sitting with the Master. No prayer, meditation or mantra is needed, all one has to do is sit. Although the fear of falling into depression may arise, there is no need to worry – after all, how long can worries haunt the individual when they are directly confronted?

The mind is a powerful thing, it will bring up unnecessary excuses like work and not having time to sit with oneself. However, it helps to look closer and see that every person has as much time as they make for themselves. To find time is to sacrifice an hour of watching television or surfing the net, neither of which adds any value to one’s time.

When excuses have lost power over the individual, fears will take over. Fear of failure and fear of depression will attack one’s resolve and attempt to break it, but the key is to face these fears. The person will be scared that they will sleep, or that they will never be able to complete the samyama. If not, they will be afraid of falling into a depression. The key to overcoming the constant stream of worry in the mind is to confront those worries. When human beings accept that they are truly alone, orphans in this world, they can face their worries. A strong resolve to just sit will fight away all deviances of the mind.

Be seated alone and allow all worried thoughts to express themselves. Remain seated for two hours with these worried thoughts. This technique will remove the fear and possibility of depression.

Eat until the body is full of food. After that, remain seated and allow yourself to sleep. Continue this for two days. After these two days, your body will get tired of sleeping and you will be able to stay awake throughout.

Visualize yourself as a stone statue and remain seated still.

Visualize all the knee joints to be locked and sit. Within eleven days you will discover the power of Upanishad.

While practicing the entire technique, the best place to experience Upanishad is the Arunachala Mountain, the river Ganga or Kailash. It can be by visiting these places or simply gazing at pictures of these places. All three hold a prominent place in the Vedic culture and are few of the most powerful spiritual energy centres. With the help of these, one will discover the beauty and sweetness of Upanishad.

Adapted from Nithyananda’s Daily Morning Discourse on 9th September, 2012 at Kodaikanal, India


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