Fall in Love with Your Higher Self


Completion is nothing but falling in love with your higher Self and deciding to reside in your higher Self. Your ishta devata (your favourite deity) is the embodiment of your higher Self. Surrender to your ishta leads you to powerfulness, joy and strength, not to powerlessness, kashta or suffering.

Giving Up is not Surrender

When you carry the space of surrender, everything in life listens to you.

The surrender makes you deeply powerful. In western thought trends, surrender is misinterpreted and given the wrong meaning. It is used mostly in the context of giving up, as in when you lose. For example, in a war, surrendering means dropping all your weapons in defeat. Mostly, your act of ‘giving up’ out of powerlessness is what you think of as surrender. But, giving up is not surrender. Surrender doesn’t come from powerlessness; it comes from tremendous powerfulness.

In bhakti (devotional) literature, the word ‘surrender’ has a totally different meaning. The appropriate word to use to indicate surrender, as given in Sanskrit would be ‘sharanagati’ – ‘sharana’ and ‘agati’. It represents such powerfulness. The great devotees like Meera, Andaal, Chaitanya Mahaprabhu from the Narada Bhakti Sutras (sacred scriptures), in fact, the whole Bhakti Sampradaya (the lineage of enlightened beings following the path of devotion) finally evolves to the ultimate surrender. Surrender neither starts with powerlessness, nor does it give you powerlessness, nor does it end in powerlessness. On the other hand, surrender starts with powerfulness, leads you to more powerfulness and ends in the ultimate powerfulness.

More completion leads to more surrender. More surrender leads to more completion. The more and more completion you do, the more and more the surrender starts happening in you. The science of completion and the science of powerfulness complement each other. When you complete more and more, you become powerful. Similarly when you surrender more and more, you become powerful.

Is Your Thinking Making You Powerful?

If your way of thinking makes you feel powerful, you are thinking in the right direction. If your thinking is making you powerless every day, you are thinking in the wrong direction. The world, life and the universe respond to you exactly the way you behave with it. If you are violent, constantly violence is given back to you. When you surrender and thereby establish yourself in the space of completion and powerfulness, your victory is eternal.

When the science of completion connects with the science of surrender, the space you create becomes reality.

When you are complete, your individual identity will be surrendered to the cosmos. Then, the cosmos functions through you. Ultimately the complete completion happens when you don’t even bother about it. Even the desire or the effort for the complete completion is surrendered. When that effort is surrendered at the feet of the Divine, the complete completion happens.