Completion is a Decision

Completion is a Decision
Completion is a Decision

Human beings have the power to experience the non-dual space of Advaitha with everyone. But the ideas of impossibility always stop it from happening. This idea of impossibility creates self-doubt, self-hatred and self-denial in a person. It is a common belief that creating whatever we want as our reality cannot happen due to our past failures. This hangover that is carried around, from past incidents, is what is known as an ‘incompletion’. Incompletions act as a wall towards the individual who is trying to realise the state of Advaitha. We can overcome these by completing with them and manifesting what we want as our reality.

What is Completion?

Completion is a space or a state of being where no negative events, emotions, thought patterns or behaviours from the past can have a hold over us in the present or future. For example, people who have a deep self-sympathy, victim mentality, will always suffer from pain in the back of the head. Their incompletions will manifest as an illness or a disease in their physical body. This can only be resolved by completing with it.

“Reliving your past, with a new understanding, deciding not to repeat past mistakes, incompletions and patterns again in future is completion.” – Paramahamsa Nithyananda

How Can Completion be Achieved?

Once an incompletion is discovered, it can be completed. The very declaration that it will no longer be a part of the cognition can complete that incompletion for us! That is all! There are some patterns which cannot be completed, because the logical source of it cannot be found. Only the patterns that have their source in this birth can be completed by reliving. There are some patterns that are brought from the past births.

The patterns for which the source is not known cannot be completed by reliving and relieving, they can only be discarded. Discarding is the power of powers. Discarding is the essence of the completion process. When the incompletion can be discarded, it is complete. When it can be discarded, the completion process is no longer required for that thought pattern.

Decide to Be Complete!

Completion is not a separate action; it is a simple decision. Constantly try to be in the space of completion for the whole day even while reading, writing, working, talking, planning or anything else we may be doing. Once you pick it up, the way you use it, the way you walk and talk will be different. Whenever agitation or an incompletion happens, take a few minutes to go into the bathroom, lock yourself there, do the completion and then come out. This is a simple decision that no one can question.

Once you get a little comfortable with the space of completion, burning all incompletions, especially the ones from the past births, is an easy job for the Master. He can then permanently establish you in the space of completion. In the Inner Awakening program, he bolts this space of completion into the bio-memory of all the participants. As of now, because people are so comfortable with incompletion and impossibilities, he is not able to move them out of it because they don’t even know why they should be moved out of it. But when you go to the Inner Awakening program with the clarity that you want to transform and want to make positive changes in your life, the Master can simply replace your dysfunctioning inner space with a new inner space of completion.

Completion is a direct technique leading to the space of Advaitha. With the right understanding and the sincere practice of completion, Advaitha can be easily experienced.