What is Your Thought Trend?

Thought trend and thought current
Thought trend and thought current

During the celebration of ‘Colors of Life’ festival or Holi, people throw colored powder on the River Ganges. When people throw the colored powder on the Ganges, the colored powder floats on the surface of the Ganges and then in a few minutes it disappears into the Ganges. Here, the colored powder floating on the Ganges can be called the ‘thought trend’ and the flow of the Ganges is the ‘thought current’.


Thought Trend or Thought Current?

Every day, how you perceive yourself, how you consciously choose to align a few thoughts as a part of yourself (your conscious thinking) is your ‘thought trend’. Your whole life’s thinking flow, what you perceive as ‘you’ in your dreams, in your deep sleep, the default thinking style of your being, your inner space (your unconscious flow) is your ‘thought current’. Thought trend is the thinking trend, based on which you make your day-to-day decisions like, “Should I drive my car and go to office, or should I go by bus?” You make every day decisions naturally based on thought trend, not by thought current. You make bigger decisions in your life such as marriage, career, etc. based on your whole thought current. But the good news is when you coordinate your thought trend there is no need to worry about your thought current.

Advaitha Begins with a Decision

Just decide you will align your thought trend. Most people carry a wrong cognition that only if you transform your thought current you can be complete. From morning till night every day, align your thought trend to Advaitha. In the morning when you wake up, if you feel bored or tired, just tell yourself, “I am the eternal space, Nithyananda, I cannot be tired or bored.” When one part of you continues to tell you “No, I am tired! I am bored!” Don’t worry about it. Don’t give up, saying, “Oh, God! Unless I transform the whole thought current, I cannot be in the space of Advaitha.” Start with the thought trend in every action and then smaller actions.


Align Your Thought Trend

You do not need to worry about your whole thought current. The thought trend being aligned towards the Advaitha is enough, because you are experiencing only thought trend as life! Actually, when you start aligning your thought trend, the thought current also becomes nondualistic. Start tuning your thought trend to nondualistic. Handle and align your simple actions like what kind of food you eat, how many hours you sleep, what is your simple perception about your neighbors, boss or spouse, and your everyday actions, to Advaitha. Your boss is nothing but one part of you which always wants to rule without explaining. Again, your spouse is also one part of you who goes on explaining which you don’t want to listen. Whether you realize it or not, everyone who is a part of your life is you. In the Inner Awakening program, you get all type of spiritual experiences – Kundalini awakening, Energy Darshan, Puja, Homa, Yoga, Pranayama and Kriya – all of which align your thought trend to the nondualistic truth – Advaitha. In twenty one days, when your thought trend is repeatedly aligned to the truth of Advaitha, your thought current also aligns to the truth of Advaitha.