Catch the Context of Advaitha

Catch the Context of Advaitha
Catch the Context of Advaitha

Whenever a truth is revealed, there are some people who perceive it as the truth until it is proven as false. There are some other people who take it as false until it is proven true. I am not saying that the first category is right and the second category is wrong. All I am saying is, the first category gets to enjoy the living presence of an incarnation and his leelas, the divine play. The second category has to live with the deities, statues and only pictures of the Master.

Krishna says beautifully in the Bhagavad Gita, “Whoever knows the context of my actions understands my inner space!” If you try to find the reasons for my actions, you will only get into inability. Inability always makes you powerless. If anything makes you powerless, you nurture anger towards it. Try to get the context of my actions, not the reasons. My context is always from the space of Advaitha. When you have patience to get the context of my actions, you will not only rise in love with me, you become me!

Understand the Context of Advaitha

If you look at all my actions from the context of Advaitha, you will experience and become absorbed into that tremendous love, experiencing the space of ‘Nithyanandoham’- ‘I am eternal bliss!’ The moment you know the context from which I am operating, it becomes yours. Understand, the space of Advaitha which I am carrying is an inexhaustible wealth, secretly kept in my heart.

Getting the context is very easy. Before you think of starting a debate on it, approach the truth with the clarity that it is true. For example, when you approach this statement, “The Sun rises in the East”, don’t ask for reasons. Instead, try to look into the context. The person who tries to get the context of my actions is a devotee. The one who grasps the context of my actions is Me!

Make Advaitha your Life Strategy

Advaitha is the sathya, truth, based on which you should start planning and strategizing ynour life. It is not something to be experienced when you are old and retired. It is so unfortunate, people always say, ‘When I am old, all my responsibilities are over and I’m retired, I will attend meditation programs. I will go to Rishikesh and Haridwar, sit in a calm place and chant “Rama Rama Rama”’.

Strategize Your Life with Advaitha

Understand, Advaitha is not retirement plan – it is life strategy plan. It is your “career dating” plan. Before you start your career or planning for dating, get the context of Advaitha, because you need Advaitha before you even start your career and dating! Advaitha is not a retirement plan but the alphabet you need to learn in your life.

The Inner Awakening program makes it easy for you to imbibe the truth of Advaitha. The program prepares you to face life and celebrate it from the context of Advaitha. The highest intelligence in you is activated and Advaitha is programmed into your very thinking – not just as a philosophy, but the very context from which you cognize the happenings in your life.