Advaitha, the Only Life Insurance

Advaitha, the Only Life Insurance
Advaitha, the Only Life Insurance

Advaitha is ultimate truth and the purpose of all life. The word ‘Advaitha’ translates to ‘nonduality’. Advaitha is neither difficult nor easy, you just have to live it. Advaitha is the most sure thing on the planet Earth. Sooner or later, either in this janma (lifetime) or in the next janma, you have to achieve the space of Advaitha.

Advaitha is a Practical Science

Advaitha in practice is the science of making what you want as reality. Advaitha, in thinking, is clarity. If you have an Advaithic approach towards yourself, that will make you more and more sure about yourself. Being sure about what you want will remove all powerlessness from your life. It will make you so powerful and bring you so much success that not only everything you touch, but everything people touch in your name will also become successful. Taking your name, anything people touch will become successful. That is the power of the space of Advaitha.

Knowing that whatever you do should be from the space of Advaitha is Dharma (righteousness). Knowing that whatever you want to acquire is already a part of your inner space is the science of Artha (economics). Knowing that every person you want to have in your life is already a part of you is the science of Kama (desires). And knowing that everything is you is the science of Moksha (liberation).

Everything is Part of You

Whether you see everything as a joyful addition to you or as a problem added to you, the space of Advaitha is cognizing everything in your life based on the truth that everything is you. Whether you feel that life is a lead or a load, Advaitha is a fact! If you understand everything is you, you will start thinking, “Then I am responsible. How can I make everything around me as a lead instead of a load?”

When you know that everything around you is you, you will have tremendous compassion and sympathy and you will not give up on people. You will not even have the arrogance to give up on people. Whether you realize it or not, everyone who is part of your life is YOU! If you carry the clarity that the other person is an extension of you, even if he tries to attack you, his whole being will not support him in his attack on you. He will be so foolish that he will collapse and you will not be attacked.

All spiritual experiences, whether it is Kundalini awakening or Energy Darshan, Shakthipat, Puja, Homa, Yoga, Pranayama or Kriya, everything is useful as long as it aligns you with the nondualistic truth.

Manage Your Life with Advaitha

It is very unfortunate that because Advaitha is an amazing intellectual philosophy, even the intellectual understanding solves many problems and people stop with that. Just because Yoga cures your stomach pain doesn’t mean you should stop with that. Yoga cures your headache; but you should not stop with that. Up to the time you have a head, you need to do Yoga! Yoga is not just for removing the headache; it is for removing the disease of having a body. In the same way, Advaitha is not just for having an intellectual clarity about how to run your life.

Living Advaitha is the real life insurance; everything else is death insurance. When you make Advaitha into your own experience, it becomes the greatest Insurance for all crisis management. Otherwise, your instability becomes a horror even for yourself. Advaitha is the only space where you will find rest, where you will find success, where you will find completion and where you will find fulfilment.