Advaitha, the Gift of Mahadeva

Advaitha, the Gift of Mahadeva
Advaitha, the Gift of Mahadeva

Advaitha is one of the ultimate truths of life. The word ‘Advaitha’ means nonduality. It does not mean oneness or that everyone is the same. It means that everyone is unique. Why not ‘oneness’? The moment you say, “one”, there is “two”. When you internalize and understand everything in life from the truth that everyone is an extension of you, you are experiencing the true space of Advaitha. Living in this space, internal energy, of Advaitha opens you up to your true nature – you are introduced to YOU.

The Gift of Advaitha

Advaitha Sathya, the highest truth, was the precious gift given to the world directly from the inner space of Mahadeva. The research and development of these great truths – the way they are lived, transmitted, contemplated and listened to – is the perfection that happened in the great, loving space of Mahadeva.

In the modern world, the great enlightenment science of Advaitha has been branded as a very powerful theology and philosophy. Originally, however, Advaitha evolved as a sweet, personal instruction between the disciple and the Master when Mahadeva shared it with his consort, the Goddess Parvathi.

Advaitha is Available for Everyone

Today, in the living presence of enlightened Master, Paramahamsa Nithyananda, the great truth of Advaitha is perfected and made user-friendly for modern times. In order to fully absorb the great spiritual truths into your system, it is recommended that you spend time around the Master to allow these truths to be transmitted to you. In the loving energy field of the Master, these teachings become a part of your very bio-energy. This phenomenon happens during the Inner Awakening program, where the vast inner space of the Master becomes available to you, allowing you to experientially understand the higher truth of Advaitha.

The love of the Master is from the space of his bio-energy – the pure, unpolluted Kundalini Shakthi. Your own dormant potential energy, Kundalini Shakthi, can be awakened just by the Master’s presence, allowing your core being to open up. Unfortunately, if you are afraid of the unknown components of you, your core being, then you will have fear of the pure, compassionate love which comes from the core being of the Master. Understand that the Master’s love will never make you lose yourself – the Master’s love will always make you find yourself, uncovering the great possibility that you are.

The more time you spend with the Master, the more transformation happens within your inner space. During the 21 days you spend with the Master, in the Inner Awakening Program, the transformation becomes permanent in your inner space. The Master takes time to teach you and he gives you the direct experience of living the great science of Advaitha. The program opens up an unlimited number of opportunities and paths for higher transformation, in every plane of existence, for you and the world around you.