Make Advaitha Your Strategy for Success!

Make Advaitha Your Strategy for Success!
Make Advaitha Your Strategy for Success!

‘Success’ is a powerful word because it creates so many different emotions in you. Good or bad, it stimulates all your thought patterns. All successes are achieved because of Advaitha. All failures happen when you fight with Advaitha because you perceive it as incomprehensible, impractical and impossible. Advaitha is the only practical strategy required to steer through life with ease.

Advaitha brings the ultimate success when it is understood from the right context – why do you want success? Success is making what you want, from the context you want, as a reality. For example, if you want money for entertainment, you should also have the health to enjoy it. That is the correct context. If you burn yourself out acquiring the money, you have only sold your health! This is the wrong context. Aligning what you want with the correct context of what you want makes you a successful person.

Measure Your Success

You can consider yourself a success the moment you cause the reality you want using the context you want. When you don’t have any powerlessness about your future and you are very clear about what you want, how you are going to cause it and can follow the side-effects and the after-effects, then you have fulfilment even before being successful.

Once you begin to see the success happen, then you have the knowledge of the science and the ability to reproduce success. Making what you want happen again and again in your life from the context of how you want it, makes you ‘successful’. All the ‘blind spots’ are sorted out and you can move with the clarity of your life’s purpose.

The people that you keep around you contribute to your success. The state of mind held by the people you associate with shape or reflect your own state of mind because you are a part of everyone around you. It does not matter if you are a housewife or a CEO, you are answerable for your success or the lack of it.

Continuously remember to be in the space of Advaitha with everyone you know. Be in tune with them and understand how they reflect your inner space. For example, have you ever noticed why if you are in a low mood, everyone around you treats you with a little impatience or unfriendliness? And on the contrary, when you move about the world with a smile and laughter in your heart, everyone you see can’t help but smile back at you. Now understand how everyone is an extension of you!