Celebrate the Existence of Shiva!

Celebrate the Existence of Shiva!

Shiva is the embodiment of getting rid of the old and the possibility of the new – the power of rejuvenation. He can get rid of anything in you – karmas, negative patterns, body, mind, disease. Getting rid of the old, re-inventing yourself as new.
Trishul (trident) is the symbol of getting rid of all impossibilities. Damaru (drum) is the symbol of remembering and reinforcing all the possibilities. Damaru is the sound and symbol of creation. Trishul is the weapon of rejuvenation. That’s why the damaru and trishul are always worshipped together. Through the trishul, He removes all the old impossibilities. Through the damaru, He creates all the possibilities for you in your life!

You can never worship Mahadeva – you can only join His team and celebrate His existence. First of all if you can’t grasp Mahadeva, then how will you worship Him? You can only celebrate His presence, that He has happened in your life and He has graciously introduced His existence to you.
The Vedic Tradition starts with giving the right context of you to you. For instance, in the Shaiva Tradition, you are introduced to yourself as Mahadeva – Shiva. You are not introduced to yourself as a sinner, a slave or a follower. Human beings are endowed with the energy to make what they want in their life as reality. Human-beings are not sent as beggars to Planet Earth. God is not a sadist sending you with empty hands. He is neither a sadist nor a miserly father. He is a beautiful causer, amazing cosmic causeless auspicious energy – Satchitananda – Shiva!
In the Shaiva Tradition, your initiation starts with the great truth of Shivoham. Only Mahadeva celebrates by making more and more Mahadevas! Only a devotee of Mahadeva can declare,
“Shivoham” – “I am Shiva!”
Please understand, only the Vedic Tradition has the courage to declare that the concept of God is a stepping-stone for enlightenment! The concept of Shiva is just to experience oneness – the non-dualistic state. Shiva is also a stepping-stone for Shivoham. And he is happy about it, understand! The approach you need to have with Mahadeva is to celebrate his existence and His presence – join His team!