Sacred Places + Incarnation = Transformation

Sacred Places + Incarnation = Transformation

Whoever reveals the unrevealed is an incarnation – it should not just disappear without being revealed to the world. With tremendous compassion and love, the human consciousness should experience the unrevealed super-consciousness. Beings who reveal the super-consciousness to the human consciousness are called incarnations. By his presence alone, a being who creates the highest possibility in any number of people, is called an incarnation.” – Paramahamsa Nithyananda

The cherished Hindu scripture called Guru Gita, states that wherever the Master sits, he creates a kshetra – a powerful energy field. The energy of an enlightened being, or Master, radiates and ‘fills’ an area with a loving, caring and peaceful ambience, creating a beautiful environment for you to experiment with the enlightenment process, find out your higher destiny, drop your lower desires, heal from past traumas, discover inner powers or to experience mystical processes. Additionally, within the kshetra, the Master ensures that your body and mind are protected, making it the safest place for you to discover YOU!

Spending time away from the place where you are living with your identity gives you the opportunity to be OUT of your identity. Participating in the powerful Inner Awakening program gives you the freedom to experience the deeper truths about yourself without all your identity baggage.

Visiting spiritual epicentres like Varanasi and Hardwar with an enlightened being, guarantees that the rapid growth of a new consciousness will happen. Seekers can practice lifetimes to achieve the same space you will experience – in just 21 days of the Inner Awakening program! The Master helps you clear out your old, false identities, making room for you to create your new inner space, where rewriting your future happens. When the energy of a spiritual epicentre like Varanasi is added to the Divine Energy of an Incarnation like Paramahamsa Nithyananda, profound, permanent transformation and life-altering experiences are just a part of the itinerary.  Ultimately, a Master is a scientist of the inner world, here to awaken humanity and raise the consciousness of the planet. He continuously develops new formulas to recreate his enlightenment experience in others. But because Paramahamsa Nithyananda is a rare jewel among Masters, an incarnation and avatar, he can simply put you into the experience, ensuring that it happens within you. No need for any formulas with him! Once you say ‘yes’ and step inside HIS kshetra, the process begins. Only the ‘yes’ and receptive mood is needed. Understand, the minute you enter, with or without your knowledge, the transformation has begun. You will transform! You will become an awakened being!