The Excitement for Nithyanandoham!


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We invite the registered participants of Nithyanandoham to share what made them take the jump to Nithyanandoham and how they feel about the same.

Name: Sri Nithya Vitashokananda
Location: New York
Profession: Real Estate Investor

What made you decide to go for ‘Nithyanandoham’ ?

I love the beach and I love Swamiji so the decision was simple. I couldn’t say no to the thought of a tropical island and being with Swamiji on the beach at night under the stars, having sessions and listening to the ocean! And I’m so excited that my entire family is also going!

I decided to go as soon as Swamiji told us what it would be about. The previous Inner Awakenings were about awakening our possibility, but Nithyanandoham will be about awakening his possibility. I don’t even know what that means but it’s exciting!

How did you figure everything out for attending the program?

I just paid a portion of the deposit and relaxed knowing that everything else will get taken care of as it always has in the past. For my business, everything got taken care of while I was away and I even got money sent to me while I was volunteering in Varanasi.

It’s the busiest time for my business so taking another month for Nithyanandoham was not in my plans originally. I was at May Shivoham, and then October volunteering as well. But when the opportunity presents itself you have to take it. I realized that I have to let myself dream, only then possibilities can open up and I’ll start seeing ways to make it.

What would you say to anyone who is thinking about attending Nithyanandoham?

It’s very simple: Either you trust Swamiji will take care of everything for you or you don’t.

Don’t play games and make things complicated by being in between or unsure of where you stand. If you believe he’ll take care then go ahead and register right now as soon as you finish reading this. If not, or you have various “reasons”, etc why you can’t go then no problem… you can just enjoy Nithyanandoham through Facebook by watching everyone’s photos from the program and with Swamiji at the beach, and wishing you were there.

Erin McMillin (Devananda)


Name: Erin McMillin (Ma Nithya Devananda)
Location: USA
Profession: RN, Hospital Administrator

What made you decide to go for ‘Nithyanandoham’ ?

After missing Bali Inner Awakening in 2013 I told myself not to ever miss it again! Last December I attended the first Shivoham Inner Awakening in Cambodia with Swamiji with some 450 participants from over 40 countries around the world. Swamiji’s divine presence, the powerful meditation processes in the sacred geometrical formations, touring ancient temple sites that were chambers for enlightenment and Kundalini awakening of the masses were the most profound experiences of my life! The December Nithyanandoham Inner Awakening is end of the cosmic shift which is not to be missed!

How did you figure everything out for attending the program?

I followed my heart, not my logic. I was not granted a leave of absence as a hospital administrator so I quit my job, paid my bills for 3 months and bought a one-way ticket to India. To attend December Inner Awakening I liquidated an IRA and made it happen! I will be staying in India for a year!

What would you say to anyone who is thinking about attending Nithyanandoham?

Listen to your heart, to your being. Follow your heart no matter how little sense it makes in your mind!

The answers are within you if you are willing to really listen! This is the last flight of the cosmic shift. Swamiji says this is the most powerful time for transformation with minimal effort on our part – do not miss it! Sri Nithyananda Swami is the living enlightened master of our time and every human will benefit greatly from experiencing his divine presence! Swamiji is raising humanity to the next level of evolution and he is constantly leading us to expand beyond what we thought was possible!