Allow the Divine to be Your Co-Creator

Allow the Divine to be Your Co-Creator

The moment you decide to do the Inner Awakening (IA) program and sign the intention form, entanglement starts. The moment you register upon your arrival to the program, entrainment starts. And the moment you sit in front of me and the screen opens, enlightenment starts!
Entanglement happens when the thoughts of two or more people are in union with one another. Entrainment is two people falling in tune with the same idea.
Enlightenment is when two people unite beyond ideas. When you are in the thoughtless state, you are in entanglement with an Enlightened Being.
Understand, the moment you think of attending Inner Awakening, the entanglement starts – immediately the connection begins. After that, making it into reality is my responsibility. In Tamil there is a beautiful song that a great devotee of Shiva sings, “Only by His grace can you even remember Him.” Unless you have His grace, you cannot even connect with Him. So the moment you feel you want to do Inner Awakening, my blessings are already there with you. Otherwise, you would not even think about wanting to do IA.

The moment you fill the intention form, you officially authorize me to enter into your life, alter all the situations, remove obstacles and open all the doors for you to come to IA. The intention form is nothing but giving the permission to me.

My grace is always flowing in all directions. But grace is always very shy to enter! It says, “Can I enter? Will he feel I am intruding? Will he feel his privacy is disrespected?” Please understand, many times God is ready and waiting to help, but He is afraid you will shout, “Who are you to enter, why did you enter?” Many times it has happened that you told Him, “I may die but I will not take your help!” He waits. Once in a while He asks you, “May I come in?” When you sign the intention form, you are just saying, come in! Finally the grace can rush in, so that He can alter all the situations, make arrangements and make all the possibilities open.

Sign the intention form and I will be the co-creator to cause IA as a reality for you. The moment you make the intention that you need IA in your life and you fill the intention form, I become the co-creator to cause IA in you.
Don’t postpone transformation! The decision has to be made now!