Shivoham Fulfills You Now!

Shivoham Fulfills You Now!

This article is from the ‘Keep It Simple Series’ of discourses given by Nithyananda on Shivoham. It gives the simple basic technique to be initiated into the space of ‘Shivoham’ (I am Shiva) where there are no prerequisites or conditions. It explains how it is only our logic that needs to be convinced of this truth.

Mahadeva represents the principles and great truths that form the social fabric of the Sanatana Hindu dharma. He is the ‘big’ possibility. He is the solidified expression of ‘tyaga,’ sacrifice. With the power and possibility He represents, He goes on sacrificing for people who don’t even know or recognize his sacrifice. Hence He is called ‘Tyagaraja’ (king of sacrifice).

Being in ‘Shivabodha’ (bliss of being Mahadeva) is an extraordinary joy. When you’re in that joyful space, you will always give and forgive. ‘Shivoham’ – ‘You are Mahadeva’ – is the mahavakya, the truth which completes and fulfils you. ‘Shivoham’ will give you completion in all levels.

Knowing the bliss of being Shiva, and understanding that this is the space where you will eventually end, gives you the ultimate clarity and changes your present state for the better. But, now you’re afraid of any fear that may come up in the future! You’re anxious because there may be some anxiety in the future. You’re worried for the worries that might come up in the future. Know that the end of your game is not fear, anxiety or worry, but bliss! This knowledge makes you blissful immediately.

In the present, you start tasting whatever you strongly believe will be the end. Right now, the statement, “One day I’m going to suffer” makes so much sense to you. On the other hand, “One day I’m going to end up in ‘Shivoham’” doesn’t make much sense. This is where the whole problem lies. Your wrong beliefs stop you from experiencing the intoxication of being Shiva. Initiation by the Master melts these obstacles and gives you the direct experience of ‘Shivoham’.