Horoscope for November, 2013


By Ma Nithya Chandrananda

Monthly Horoscope For Vedic Moon Signs. Vedic Moon Signs can be found in the birth chart or “kundali” which can be prepared by an astrologer or generated online on a Vedic astrology website


The more self-love enters your system, the easier it will be to go through your transformation without falling into depression or doubts. ‘Yes’ is the key word. You always think that we need someone else to love. You will not be able to practice it with others, unless you learn to love yourself. You can encompass the other only when you have integrated yourself in love; otherwise, your love is pseudo. What you dislike in others is always a projection of you and the way you judge people tells a lot about how you view yourself. Keep your awareness upon this understanding throughout November.


Our problems in life are existential. You cannot solve them by thinking alone. You can only solve them by living through them. You are advised to enter into those experiences of struggles and pain, instead of standing aside and resisting it. The mind thinks it can find solutions to emotions and repress them, without feeling it through the body authentically. This is how our relationship with our body has decreased throughout our life. When you operate from the head only, your body disconnects itself from the mind. Slowly, you lose contact with your own presence. Observing the breath is a way for you to regain it.


Your mood is light; you can enjoy with your friends and kids in a laid back manner. This is an excellent time for letting go of negative attitudes and animosities that might have been holding you back. It is also a good time for accomplishing projects that involve charitable and spiritual work. Drop everything you feel is not your own experience and which does not resonate with love. Just let go of your protective shield, drop your defenses and open up yourself to your loved ones authentically!


Mastering any aggressive, impulsive behaviour and bad temper is possible in November, and welcome too. Keep a balance between thoughts and actions during this period. Everything will work out beautifully once you have exhausted your surplus energy through action. Rash and impulsive decisions with regard to real estate investments, travel and domestic matters should be avoided during this period at all times. Taking decisions from the intuitive level opens the door to ‘the workings of God’ in your life. Expressing it in your home, workplace or in personal matters will bring lightning changes in situations that have been stuck for months!


Writing to your own self is a royal path towards healing. Writing your feelings on paper can help you express things you would never be able to express ; it can bring to the surface many hidden feelings and knowledge you never knew you had before. Your being is trying to reach you every minute, but your mind is too busy to hear its subtle voice. Writing will bring a whole new understanding in your being. Write to yourself as if you were your closest friend. Just let the words flow on paper be close to your heart; express things you would never speak out loud. You will connect to root patterns and open up your practice of *svapoornatva kriya (completion).


Time is perfect for you to practice watchful awareness on your pattern of working in ‘survival mode’. Learn to speak less and to the right person. This airy energy can be used in a more socially friendly, practical and useful way. Whenever a triggering situation happens, remember to show compassion and empathy at all times. Beware of excess of all types and addiction to speech, thoughts, food, poisons and secret activities. Drink neem juice every day to settle your stomach and balance the vata dosha in your body by eating at regular times.


You may encounter partnership issues this month. Any joint aspects of life will remain under pressure; there is a need to take a real break from your routine life. Your identity is undergoing a transformation and much reshuffling of your mental patterns is going on. Your career will be in a phase of high activity and your mind will dwell in spiritual realms! There may be multiple new opportunities that will create confusion and doubts in terms of choices and path. Avoid disputes with colleagues and do not underestimate them in speech or writings.


This month will add auspiciousness to you. You have enough concentration and focus to channel in important projects, conducive to success in the near future. November will especially bring some new opportunities. You can enjoy positive changes in regard to what you do professionally as well. Look out for the propositions you are offered in all aspects of life, you may find amazing perspectives to expand by working through it!


It will be wise to take a balanced diet, especially in relation to vitamins, proteins and minerals during this period. You are advised to exercise more than usual, in order to strengthen the body before winter. Be aware of the opinions you create with others, and how you are influenced by your friends. It is good to practice integrity and clarity in order to keep transparent relationships with your dear ones, or else, this could dent your relationships unnecessarily.


This month, your energy goes towards creating wealth and status. This is the time to work on your career and professional goals. You have a flair and drive to sense what needs to be done and how it should be done. Work on harnessing your intuition for your day to day life! In fact, all genius decisions, discoveries and masterpieces were made out of sheer intuition. Never let your practicality and goals cut you off your intuition. When you reject it, you close your door to the higher aspects of life, and reduce existence to an object.


The end of 2013 is an excellent time to enjoy the company of the sages in satsang. Reading books and watching Swamiji’s Youtube discourses is encouraged. Your understanding of your patterns is ripening in this intense period, but the click that can lift you out is about to happen. Just one word of the master is enough to create that click and disentangle you from it! What is needed is your deep receptive mood.


Be authentic with your anger, lust, jealousy, love, feeling of solitude, fear of losing control over life, hanging on to your identity and patterns. Go to the peak and valley of it. With any particular emotion, just see the whole thing consciously. When you are filled with a desire, your whole being vibrates with that desire. When you come in contact with the object of your desire: a person, a project, a reputation or a property, the excitement manifests itself to its peak, then suddenly you fall to the valley. Just be with the desire and its intensity, welcome it to the depth and exhaust this karma once for all.