Break Free From Your Root Pattern


Why do people do the things they do. Why do people feel the way they do. Why do some things always go wrong. Why do some things get stuck. Why do we make the same mistakes again and again…

These are questions which hit everyone at some point of time or the other. Everyone has the same questions. Few have the answer…

When we are children, the world feels perfect. There is no divide between a child’s world and the whole world. Until one day, when something goes wrong and everything seems to fall out of rhythm. The world looks like it is going to collapse. Maybe the child’s older brother towers over him and yells at him, snatching the ice-cream from out of his hands. The child is small and scared and feels powerless. He forms some ideas about himself and the world in these vulnerable moments. Unfortunately, these ideas or cognitions live inside him for the rest of his life. Little does he know, that these ideas are the root cause of all the things that go wrong in his life as a child, as a teenager, as an adult, as an old man and until his last breath.

Everyone was once a child. Everyone has been shaken to their root at some time or the other in their lives. It could be something as life shattering and grave as child abuse and something as small as a mother scolding a child for rolling in the mud. Nevertheless, it is how the child perceives the situation that matters; because whatever the situation may be, it is the cognition or ideas that the child forms about himself and the world at that time that runs his life. This happens with everyone, only that the painful memory gets suppressed somewhere in the archives of the mind and people forget what it was that first jolted their existence.

This limiting or negative cognition that everyone gives to themselves in their moments of powerlessness is called a root thought pattern, and it is the running thread of everyone’s lives. They may or may not be aware of it, it is there nevertheless, like an undercurrent in all their actions and thoughts.

It is possible to find out one’s root thought pattern by following a simple but powerful technique which has been outlined below.

Step 1.
Remember the earliest incident in your life which has imbalanced you thoroughly; means, which made you feel powerless, cornered, shattered. It may be at the age of three; your mother just made you sit on the dining table so that you will not be playing around. It can be any simple incident also. This is the first time you remember feeling powerless and helpless in your life. Dig out the earliest incident you remember when you felt powerless.

Step 2.
Now, relive this incident as if it is happening right now. Visualize that you are back in that moment in time, surrounded by the same people. How do you feel? Re-live it. Go through all those emotions and thoughts.

Step 3.
When you are reliving the incident, see what ideas you give to yourself. See 1) What you think about you 2) What you think about life and others 3) How you projected yourself to the others (What actions did you take when you got jolted? That is what you projected to the others)

These three statements are your root cognition that runs your life even now. This is your root pattern. To be free of the root thought pattern, the *svapoornatva and poornatva kriya can be practiced regularly everyday.

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