The Wisdom of Guru


Planet Guru (Jupiter) symbolizes and carries the grace and wisdom of all that is auspicious. Guru just entered the sign of Gemini where it will hold its benevolence until June 2014. It will guide all of us to deeper learning experiences where wisdom will flow through the experience of our practice of the four tattvas.

These months ahead are therefore a beautiful period to explore our power to share and enrich others through spiritual activism, communication, knowledge and satsangs as a practice for our spiritual growth. Also, Buddha (Mercury) is transiting its own sign of Gemini from May to early August, along with Guru. Buddha develops our interest for study, travels and communication; it energizes our enriching words as well as our written expression. This is a very auspicious time to practice *svapoornatva kriya with oneself, and delve deep into our consciousness in order to heal it. Retrograde Mercury from June 16 to July 20 allows all of us to internalize the wisdom of the Master and expand our spiritual nature exponentially.

Guru and its position in one birth chart is of great significance. It will indicate how much one is connected to the wisdom spoken by the great enlightened ones, how much of a dharmic life one follows, how much of a deep interest and inspiration one holds towards spirituality, expansion of consciousness, faith and practice of the eternal vedic rituals.

The particularity of Guru’s energy is to captivate the deeper Self that lies covered by ignorance within us, in order to inspire it, infuse it with care and wisdom, to awaken its brilliance and foster it towards enlightenment. Jupiter confers everything you ask for, it is the Guru of the Gods, the great benevolent father who gives all you need to realize your deepest aspirations.

The outer Guru, the Master, is a beautiful incarnation of this divine energy which expresses the whole gamut of knowledge, grace and wisdom that leads disciples to their inner Guru, who is also represented by the astrological planet Ketu, the final bestower of moksha (liberation). Therefore, Jupiter is the planet of intelligence that guides the individual’s consciousness to go back to its pristine truth and glory.

Guru is also creativity in the inner world. It bestows power of expression that comes from the principles of the tattvas, it loves to share and delight in doing so. Mercury represents how we relate to the society on a practical level, whereas Jupiter shows our connection to our inner worlds, our soul’s Mission that leads us towards fulfillment, bliss and self-realization. Guru helps one to overcome all the challenges, pain and sufferings of life and transform it into a learning experience on the path of evolution.

Guru is also indicative of unexpected rewards. In fact, when Jupiter is with you, all of life, all the universe is with you, and gives you the experience that you are Brahmanyam Bahuputratam – the favourite inheritor of the cosmos! Jupiter reveals the expansiveness of the being, just as Saturn indicates our capacity to contract or concentrate. This is the reason why people all over the world have always sought the energy of this planet for inner as well as outer prosperity and success. It is the energy of grace in our horoscope, which can be used to fulfill our wishes in life until our final enlightenment.

To propitiate it, vedic priests have done pujas and homas since time immemorial in intense energy fields that multiply the effect of the ritual exponentially.