Nothing Called “Impossible” !


Nothing Called “Impossible”!

There is nothing called “Impossible”.

Each individual can take the responsibility to reach the space of possibility. Then, from the space of possibility, take the responsibility to become what you want to be in life.

Decide if you want to have the space of possibility and transformation or if you just want to cherish and enjoy the powerless space filled with conflicts. Often people are content with the idea that they are doing whatever they can and it is the best they can do. Instead, with integrity they need to come to terms with the experiences they have and move to the space of what they want to have.

The Right Knowledge

Your vision and inner space should carry only what you want in life, constantly remember that anything is possible. Avoid using negative words expressing your powerlessness. When you decide you are powerless, the possibility for growth is killed. For example, when a goat eats a sapling, the sapling can never become a tree. Similarly the moment you think that something is impossible, the very possibility is killed.

When you feel powerless and think that something is impossible, you miss the right knowledge. Knowledge makes anything possible when it aligns with responsibility. When you align responsibility and knowledge, anything is possible!

Why You Feel Powerless

Your powerless feelings are created by root thought patterns you set for your life and they bring millions of conflicts and contradictions. You are responsible for the patterns and the conflicts. A very simple and easy method for transformation is to change your root thought patterns and rebuild a new pattern consciously.

When the root patterns are changed, the confidence you carry to handle your life by feeling empowered is drastically increased. You believe that you are being innocent and harmless when you feel powerless. You think that powerful people are harmful and wealthy people are egoistic. You believe that to be harmless you have to be powerless and to be humble you have to be poor. Such wrong associations are the reason for the unconscious patterns you choose. It is possible for you to be powerful and harmless, rich and humble, famous and polite, when you can take the responsibility and align your whole inner being.

Create What You Want!

Create what you want to create by consciously rebuilding the thought pattern which constantly creates the obstacle of making you believe that you can’t create what you want to create. The job of your old pattern is to constantly shrink you and keep you shying away from life. You have to take action, wake up and move. For example when you constantly watch commercials of exercise equipment to get the six-pack muscles, but never move your body and take action, it is not possible to get the six-pack muscles which you want. You have to move and start working for it.

In the same way, when I talk about the transformed space of possibility, it looks like a six-pack model flexing the muscles. But if you don’t move yourself and take action, you will never experience it. You must make yourself alive with the power of Kalabhairava* and you will see many of the so-called big patterns and sufferings disappear. When you wake up, move with a feeling of power and possibility. When you understand that you can take responsibility with the knowledge, you will see that the easiest path opens for you.

Understand and believe that anything is possible for you.
Identify clearly what you want to become and what you are now.
Take the responsibility to become what you want to be.
You only need knowledge, since you are always powerful (already) to create your own reality.

*Kalabhairava is the lord of time who is the ultimate source of cosmic knowledge whose presence can be invoked for a powerful declaration for completion of root patterns.