Message for 2013: Enrich with Enlightenment


This year’s core message with which we will all work is “Enriching with Enlightenment!”

This simple statement has many layers – enriching yourself, enriching others, enriching the whole world with enlightenment! Bring integrity into the words which you utter to others and to yourself. Bring authenticity in the way you hold yourself and the way others experience you. Bring responsibility in your inner space for every happening. Drop the past record; past track never gives you the confidence for future possibilities. Unless you see the possibility, life does not flow in you. The excitement does not happen in you. Past record always brings a deep sorrow because past record by its nature is death. Possibility by its very nature is life.

These four words are the keys to enrich with enlightenment: Integrity, authenticity, responsibility, enriching.

Integrity means integrity in the words and the thoughts. You should have integrity in the words you utter to others and to yourself. Stand by your word. When you are ready to give your life for the words you utter, those words will become reality.

Bring authenticity in the way you hold yourself for yourself and for others to perceive you. Enrich yourself with authenticity. When you have integrity and authenticity, when you are ready to give your life to fulfill your words, the cosmos itself intervenes and fulfills your words.

Responsibility empowers you. Whenever you feel responsible for everything that is happening, all the problems get dissolved and just disappear. An important secret to feel responsible without becoming powerless is – never give up on people! I never give up on people even when they give up on me. I continue to work on them.

Take this as an important key. This is the math of life, the number of people on whom you have given up are the negatives in your life, and the people you have still not given up on are the positives of your life. Make the balance sheet of your life. This will decide whether you are in profit or loss, whether you are in success or failure. Whether you are a failure or a success is not decided by the incidents but by your spirit. Nothing has been lost if you have not lost the inspiration.

What are a few years? Time is eternity. I am going to be available continuously here for eternity even after I leave the body. When I am in the body I will be doing this, when not in the body, I will do same thing in a different plane. Similarly, you will be doing this when you are in this body and you will do the same thing when you leave the body in a different plane. If inspiration is lost then everything is lost. By the divine grace of Kala Bhairava, Mahadeva, we have not lost inspiration. So nothing is lost!

Life happens to you outside. Life happens to you in relation to others, not with you. Enrich them. Only by enriching them your life gets enriched. Don’t be selfish, your life does not happen to you only inside you. Let’s see experientially where life is happening to you. You have to stand where your experience of life is. Experience of life happens to you based on others. Unless you enrich others with enlightenment, your life is not going to be completely enriched with enlightenment. If you have to learn only one thing from me, learn that I never give up on people. If you give up on people very soon you will give up on yourself. You will lose your confidence.

Enriching with enlightenment means enrich yourself and others with these four great truths – integrity, authenticity, responsibility, enriching, and not giving up. Let the whole universe be enriched with enlightenment.

Taken from Nithyananda’s Daily Discourse given to a live audience on 1st January, 2013 in Bidadi Ashram, Bangalore