Kriya to Banish Depression!


Depression or Clinical depression is characterized by an all-encompassing low mood accompanied by low self-esteem, and by loss of interest or pleasure in normally enjoyable activities. Clinical depression is a disabling condition that adversely affects a person’s family, work or school life, sleeping and eating habits, and general health. Depressed individuals have shorter life expectancies than those without depression, in part because of greater susceptibility to medical illnesses and suicide. Depressed people may be preoccupied with, or ruminate over, thoughts and feelings of worthlessness, inappropriate guilt or regret, helplessness, hopelessness, and self-hatred. In severe cases, depressed people may have symptoms of psychosis.

Instructions for Kriya:

    Place the right foot on the left thigh and similarly the left one on the right.
    Cross the hands behind the back and firmly catch hold of the great toes of the feet so crossed.
    Place the chin on the chest and fix the gaze on the tip of the nose.

    Continue to sit in Padmasana.
    Close the eyes and relax the whole body.
    Extend the tongue outside the mouth and roll the sides of the tongue up so that it forms a tube.
    Inhale slowly through the tongue.
    At the end of inhalation, roll the tongue in, close the mouth and exhale slowly through the nose.
    Do this 21 times.2.

    Continue to Sit in Padmasana
    Inhale slowly through the nostrils and fill the abdomen completely.
    Exhale quickly and forcefully through the nose by contracting the abdominal muscles towards the spine.
    Do this 21 times.

Kriya given by Nithyananda in his Daily Morning Discourse, on 31st October, 2011 at the Bidadi Ashram, India

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DISCLAIMER: This technique is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical diagnosis or treatment. Individuals with any type of medical condition, the elderly, children below 14, women who are pregnant or suspect they may be pregnant are advised to seek professional medical advice before practicing this technique. Viewers who are not on two-way video conferencing are cautioned that they are practicing these techniques at their own risk.