Akashic Readings by Nithyananda

Taken from the Akashic Readings by Kaalabhairava through Nithyananda on  6th November, 2012 on the subject of “Life”. The words in this section are as delivered by Kalabairava through Paramahamsa Nithyananda


Q: ‘Revered Kalabhairava, what is the right mindset to approach life?’

A: ‘Not having any perversion or illusion or feeling of self-identification with anything is the right mindset. Even if you can afford those objects, places, positions, things, do not yearn or run behind it. Just be performing the physical actions and mental actions necessary for them to be in your life without craving for them is karma yoga. This is the right mental set-up to have in the life. Mahadeva recommends unclutching to be practised deeply till your bio-intelligence awakens, and then entering into the life of actions will be the best thing for any individual. Do not expect anything from life because life itself is a pure gift.
Reduce your mind’s planning-projections with anxiety association into planning-projection with micro-management mental setup. Planning projection with anxiety is worrying; planning projection with micro management will create wondering in your life. Planning is a innate natural expression of life, but do not add worrying or anxiety as the after-effect of planning.

Instead have micro-management ability as the aftermath or after-effect of planning. This is the right way to approach the life. Live through the life with the ability of the micro-management. Your heart will realize the unexplained events of the life, adds juice to the life; and even with all your micro-management powers, life cannot be manipulated as you want. Till you do the micro-management your heart will not realize life cannot be manipulated. Only with the micro-management the realization will land in your heart – ‘life cannot be manipulated’. The realization of the ‘life cannot be manipulated’ will bring tremendous reverence to the unexplained events of life. Having reverence to the unexplained events of life is what is tendency of looking at the life as miraculous. Any being who looks at the life as miraculous is saint, siddha purusha.

No being has extraordinary powers in planet earth. All beings are endowed with same powers. The beings who look at the life as accident, whenever an unexplained events are happening in their life if they repent and suffer and feel it is an accident they are called demons. Whenever an unexplained event happens in their life if they just accept and tolerate they are called humans. Whenever an unexplained events happen in your life, if you look at that as a miracle, siddhi, you are called siddha, siddha purusha.

Ability to look at the unexplained events as a blessing spontaneously is the mental set-up of siddha purusha. Mahadeva commands all human beings should be taught this science of being siddha purusha. The science is direct and simple. Learn the spiritual sacred secrets and truths which makes you experience and perceive any unexplained event in your life spontaneously as miracle. Mahadeva commands all the children on the planet earth should be taught this science of siddha purusha. This science is the most easiest method to become siddha, right path to become a siddha.

When you start perceiving the life as a great miracle about all the unexplained events, suddenly, with understanding, the unexplained events became part of your planning preparation energy. When these unexplained events happen, if you perceive them as miracle or blessing by analyzing and understanding, you are a jnana yogi, if you perceive them as a blessing directly without even analyzing, you are a siddha purusha.

More and more you perceive all the unexplained events as a blessing and miracle in your life, you will understand the science of making the unexplained events or miracles possible in your life as blessing. Those sciences of creating unexplainable events which are miracles and auspicious to make it happen in your life spontaneously, attracting them spontaneously in your life starts expressing in you, those powers are only called siddhis.’