Meditation for Intensity


Living with intensity is to live without inner or outer conflict. When a person is strongly connected with an idea or thought, they feel they can overcome any obstacle. They can flow towards the positive achievement of their goals. However, people can also intensely create conflict. This is not the expression or radiation of true living energy within the self. Intense people who constantly create conflict can be described as people who are not flowing smoothly with people and life. They have the intensity, but it is used to create blocks and obstacles. There is no flow or natural expression of life energy.

In the Shiva sutras, intensity is described as a form of living energy that rises and flows through the seven chakras in the body, which are the main energy centers. This form of energy does not create conflict but flows smoothly and strongly. It can be described as a river which flows intensely and smoothly through various paths and courses to reach the ocean. It is indeed remarkable, that rivers always find their way to the ocean, without any navigators. It is so intense in its purpose, that even when an obstacle presents itself, it flows around, to reach the ocean. The river, unlike the human ego, does not get hurt when an obstacle presents itself. Often times, human beings feel hurt by an obstacle on their path and stop flowing. They then become like a lake that has decided to remain where it is, without achieving its goal.
If like the river, people decide to continue persistently on their path, making necessary modifications or turns on their life course as and when necessary, they will achieve their goals. If obstacles frighten or hurt the ego, then people may stop flowing completely. This can lead to stagnation in growth and possibly depression and frustration.

There are people who are intense but who lost the ability to flow; similarly, there are people who just flow but are not intense. In Sanskrit there is a word – “Jnanavarishta bhakti”, used by the famous Indian enlightened master Ramakrishna Paramahamsa. This means that it is important to have devotion or deep bhakti, but it is also important to have the intensity with knowledge. It is important to have both the qualities of intensity and flow to achieve life’s goals.

Meditation Technique to Raise Awareness and Life Energy

  • Close your eyes and sit with your spine straight.
  • Inhale and exhale as slowly as possible but as deeply as possible.
  • Visualize yourself as a light ball in the Mooladhara chakra or root center, at the root of the spinal cord. Forget all other parts of your body. Forget everything. Just be the light. (duration: one min)
  • Intensely bring your awareness, bring yourself to the Swadhishtana chakra, two inches above the root center. Be there. Be in the Swadhishtana intensely. Forget the other centers, other parts of the body. Just be in Swadhishtana, spleen center. (duration: one min)
  • Slowly move up to the Manipuraka chakra or the navel center. Now be intensely present in the navel center. Let your livingness be in the navel center. (duration: one min)
  • Move to the Anahata chakra or the heart center and stay there intensely. (duration: one min)
  • Move to the Vishuddhi Chakra or the throat center. Live intensely now in the throat center. Let the intense light ball be in the throat center, which is you. (duration: one min)
  • Move your energy to the brow center or ajna chakra. Be centered on the third eye, Ajna chakra. Be living in the Ajna chakra. (duration: one min)
  • Slowly, but intensely, bring yourself up. Lift yourself up to the Sahasrara chakra, the crown center. Be intensely present in the form of light in the crown center. (duration: one min)
  • Relax.

Taken from Nithyananda’s Discourse on the Shiva Sutras in November, 2007 delivered in Los Angeles, California, USA