Life Has No Conflict!


Living enlightenment means living a conflict free life. It is living without any conflicts, completely at ease with your body, mind and the surroundings – what you experience as the outer world. Many people come and ask me, ‘Swamiji, how can we be conflict free in this world filled with conflicts? Only when the whole world is silent, happy, blissful I can be conflict free.’ No! Understand, it is never going to happen.

Once one child was waiting on the seashore. His mother asked him, ‘Why are you waiting? Why don’t you take a bath?’ He replied, ‘ No, no. First let all the waves settle down then I’ll take a bath.’

It is never going to happen!

Only when you start becoming conflict free, suddenly the world which you experience becomes conflict free. This is the only possibility.

First let us talk about the conflict with another person – conflict happens only when there is ego. Always both the sides are responsible for the conflict – because even if one side does not have ego, conflict will not happen. For a conflict two egos are required who are not ready to resolve the situation, who lack integrity, authenticity, responsibility (or not taking responsibility for others irresponsibility), and do not carry the space of enriching the other – only when there is a lack of all the four, conflict is possible.

The other type of conflict is due to a situation in your life. When you clean your inner space with the power of integrity you will realize that all the contradictions, conflicts, and confusions you carry are responsible for your whole life, for all your actions, all the reactions you attract from others, all the happenings of life. Integrity will automatically teach you to take responsibility. You will understand that for everything happening in and around you, you are responsible. Conflict happening outside is nothing but a reminder of the conflicts and incompletions which are there inside. Whenever a conflict happens, scan your inner space to see where you are lacking completion, or where you are not living the four tattvas.

Take the responsibility for all the conflicts in your life, with people or with situations. Bring integrity to you in your inner space by doing swapoornatva kriya, or completing with yourself. Drop all the negative patterns you created in you, which you now feel as a part of you, and create a complete you. Out of that completion, whatever you project to the outer world you will experience that without conflict. This is because when there is no inner conflict there will be no outer conflict. Not having any inner conflicts and because of that not having any outer conflicts is advaita. That is shuddha advaita (pure advaita), Shiva advaita.

The more and more complete you are with yourself and with others, the more and more you will experience the world also as conflict free. Living a conflict free life in your body, mind and what you experience as the world – I am not using the words ‘the whole world’, I am using the words ‘what you experience as the world’ – is living enlightenment.

Adapted from the teachings of Paramahamsa Nithyananda