Poverty is Not a Virtue!


Over and over again, analyze the words you utter about wealth. I have seen that many times, you start enjoying poverty because of the self-pity it brings you.

One of the important lessons you need to learn is that integrity creates wealth. You think only people without integrity get wealth. You say that you don’t have wealth because you practice integrity. You are wrong! Only people with integrity will be able to have wealth and celebrate it. When you make money without integrity, you will never be able to live with it.

What is Your Relationship With Wealth?

With integrity, you will also build the right relationship with wealth. If you look within, you will realize that sometimes, if there is any wealthy person in your life who is arrogant, you feel it is the wealth that made him this way. This is how you end up hating wealth. So you start living without wealth because you are afraid that wealth will make you arrogant too.

If someone chooses to be arrogant, he will find a way to express it. If he isn’t wealthy, he will use his youth or even his poverty to turn arrogant. With wealthy people, because they have had a lot of experience with the society and have been beaten up by the society, atleast they are polite and polished. But these so-called poor people are so arrogant, they demand a hundred times more than what they can take responsibility for, and then they say, ‘Because I am poor, you are not ready to give me this.’

Being Poor is Not Right!

Some time when you were young, you started believing that to be in poverty means to be right. Wealthy people are frauds and liars. They have cheated others and have accumulated their wealth. The “have-nots” have a deep hatred for the “haves”, and constantly spread rumours about them. Even if a rich man is your closest friend and you know that he has done nothing illegal to accumulate his wealth, you enjoy these rumours so that you can justify why you don’t have what he has. You do not want to accept that he took responsibility for his life and you did not take responsibility for yours. The people who carry a deep hatred for the “haves” neither take the responsibility to create wealth, nor allow the ones who have taken the responsibility to enjoy their wealth peacefully. This is called “poverty consciousness”.

Take the Responsibility for Wealth!

You have the greed for wealth, but you have not taken the responsibility to create it. So you give many valid reasons for why you don’t have wealth. You follow the concept of “work not done plus valid reason is equivalent to work done”. This is called a slave mentality. Your inauthenticity adds even sacredness to your poverty. You believe that you are too spiritual to create wealth. If that is the case, why do you have to brag about your poverty? You create an identity around your poverty and brag about it in the same way that wealthy people create an identity around their wealth. This is the worst kind of identity that you can create, and it is just as bad as cheating and destroying others’ wealth.

Build wealth based on your ability to create and maintain. Anything which is an extension of your personality is your muscle. Anything which is forced on you from the outside is cancer. I know the power of Lakshmi. When you are able to create and maintain, when you have respect for her and for the wealth, nobody can snatch it away from you. It is an extension of your personality.

Adapted from Paramahamsa Nithyananda’s teachings