The Genetic Science of Initiation


The process of initiation and how it creates transformation in people has baffled spiritual seekers and skeptics alike for ages. Recent scientific research studies have begun to solve this mystery by revealing findings that show a connection between verbalization and the human DNA. Russian scientists have revealed that the human DNA is a biological internet, with evidence that DNA can be influenced and reprogrammed by words and frequencies. This modern scientific insight has been known to the vedic rishis (sages) from time immemorial and has been passed down through the ages from one spiritual master to the next. Raghupati Yogi, Nithyananda’s spiritual master, would tell him that learning the Sanskrit language and changing Sanskrit mantras (a sound, syllable, word, or group of words that is considered capable of creating a spiritual transformation within the individual) was yoga for the brain. Nithyananda realized that this was true when he noticed this phenomenon during the days while he was wandering the length and breadth of India as a monk. He saw that people who spoke in a cultured language behaved and lived culturally. The standard of the language a person spoke directly influenced the manner in which that person thought and lived his life. He found that language and words are nothing but the reflection of our DNA.

The other important discovery made by these scientists is that our DNA can be reprogrammed by speech, when words are modulated on correct carrier frequencies. Nithyananda explains this further and says that when the Upanishads (collection of spiritual texts which form the basis for the Hindu religion) are chanted by a group of people whose DNA is already altered, even the cosmic DNA can be altered. This truth was implemented in the Vedic tradition by mantra chanting and homas (rituals in which offerings are made into a consecrated fire) to bring rain. Our DNA can also be reprogrammed by simply being in the presence of already reprogrammed DNA. The space that is reprogrammed by the reprogrammed body of the Master is called an “energy field”. Just living in that energy field can simply reprogram any individual’s DNA.

The discoveries presented by these researchers clearly prove how affirmations and words from enlightened masters directly affect one’s body and mind. This research also proves that when someone listens to the great truths directly from an enlightened Master, it becomes a part of their DNA and that is the reason why millions of people are transformed when they listen to the words of the Master. This is how Masters’ words directly give experience to people.

Nithyananda reveals that this process is called “initiation”. Initiation is like lighting a lamp from a fire that is already lit. A lamp can only be lit from a fire or another lit lamp. Similarly, only the reprogrammed DNA of an enlightened being can transmit the right words and frequency into another individual and reprogram their DNA. Any individual’s DNA can be reprogrammed by the right words, right chanting and the right initiation from an enlightened master. In the Inner Awakening program conducted by Nithyananda, every session is an initiation. The DNA of every participant gets reprogrammed for enlightenment. Initiation enables the participants to have a glimpse of living enlightenment during the program.

Adapted from the teachings of Paramahamsa Nithyananda